Chance The Rapper Brings “Acid Rap” to New York City


Where: Europa Night Club
When: June 15, 2013

The kid standing in front of me last night at the Chance The Rapper show was singing every word, standing on a table flailing his arms, and spinning around while rapping along in the faces of anyone who would pay him any attention. He was tall but lanky, a clean-cut, white, 20-something-year-old with a friendly face and a collared shirt. To me, the person directly behind this kid, he was borderline obnoxious, but he was having so much damn fun that it was impossible to hate. This kid was almost certainly not at the Chief Keef show in New York a few weeks ago. If we was, he was acting a lot differently.

It’s hard to say if Chief Keef was having fun when he hit the stage at the Best Buy Theater. He’s engaging, but for reasons far different from what makes a Chance show so enjoyable. Keef strutted with 10-15 other guys on stage with him, rarely interacting with the audience and coming across as somewhat uninterested. Chance held down his show solo, with one DJ to back him up. He walked to the stage like a boxer getting pumped up for a big fight. He encouraged everyone to sing along. He even taught the audience a couple of dance moves.

Hip-hop is in a dark place right now. That’s not a bad thing—plenty of the best art is dark—but it does get tiring when so many of the popular sounds are heavy and zombied out. Seeing Chance was a much-needed change of pace because it looked and sounded like he was having fun. His voice bubbled over with the excitement of a young artist happy to be in the position he’s in and more than willing to let his fans join the party. Last night in New York City, his fans were happy to accept the invitation.

Download Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape here.



    Your obsession with Chance the Rapper is unbelievable – straight blind white boy dicksucking. Chance is good.. very catchy songs, sorority girl appeal and a lot of cool ad libs. But where Chiddy, and xv failed so will chance. He has done nothing to change the state of hip hop. He just put together a mixtape with smoking references that have been used 100s of times by rappers in the last 2 years. He’s a black Mac Miller.

    “He walked across the stage like a boxer getting pumped up for a big fight”. really… chance the rapper… getting in a fight… no comment

    There’s no comparison between chance the rapper and keef. There’s a reason one has worked with Kanye and the other is doing stupid ass remixes of spaceship. Cmon Con.. not sure if chance is like your lil bro or something but this article is ridiculous.

  • Ayy

    Show me a video of you performing on a stage and an article written about you and then try to predict your future…Then Listen To His Lyrics And Tell Me He is Not Bringing Back Lyrical Hip Hop Instead Of The Bull That Is Put Out Now

  • PigsAndPlans

    Well, first of all, how are you gonna call him the black Mac Miller AND say he’s going to fail? Mac Miller not only independently sold more albums than most signed artists can dream of, but he’s also working with guys like Earl and Jay Electronica. Mac Miller is not failing. You may not like him, but he’s not failing.

    The fight thing had nothing to do with actual fighting. It was to highlight that he was going onto that stage with an energy that I didn’t see at the Chief Keef show.

    Chance is not my lil bro, and I’m also not obsessed with him. I am excited to see what he’s going to do though. I think you’re underestimating his technical ability and how far a little honesty, fun, and “sorority girl appeal” can go in a market that’s saturated with a bunch of fuckboys pretending to be something they’re not.

  • |Dragon|

    Show some credentials brotha. Let’s throw this NYCPARISTOKYO cat on a stage and see what he pulls out of his ass. Chance has an innovative style, highly recognizable and difficult to compare to any other artist (maybe wyclef). The dude can really work a crowd too. I’m behind Chance 100%. Kid’s got talent. Take the hate and envy and ask mommy for another $100. Grab yourself another 3 snapbacks and take a few more pictures in the mirror. I’m lookin forward to your next few lapses in brain function.

  • SJS

    I just listened to Acid Rap a few days ago and have been hooked on it! Seems like the naysayers are strong with this one…I sense some jealousy.

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