The 10 Best Remixes of Disclosure Songs


The Lawrence brother's ascent to stardom has been rapid and impressive. Not long ago they were two kids at home making beats, and now they're Disclosure, saviours of garage, with a U.K. No. 1 album under their belt and headline slots in clubs across the world. Their musical style, influenced by classic house and U.K. Garage, and full of powerful, poppy vocals and bright, memorable melodies, is perfect for a remix, and while there have been many lazy edits made by bandwagon-hopping producers, there have also been a lot of brilliant ones.

Here are the 10 best remixes of Disclosure songs.

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  • Johnny D

    The video for #5 is an alunageorge remix, not disclosure.

  • Johnny D

    It’s actually really good though so I’ll take it

  • Mike Di Gregorio-Rifiorati

    a little disappointed this didn’t make the list:

  • dudemandude

    TEED’s remix of f for you though??

  • busboyroyale .

    Disclosure – Latch (remix by Killing541) all the way

  • gane

    Totally agree with you mate. This one is the best

  • m for majestic

    Disclosure – Latch (Remix by Eastpak) all the way


    lol this is cute n all but… putting that Flume remix as number one doesnt make this list even close to right.

  • rfedinburgh

    you and me should be top but wheres mazde help me loose my mind remix!

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