Dos And Don’ts of Social Media: A Guide For Musicians


It is so easy to get excited about following all your favorite artists on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Vine. You're friends now, right?! You can see what they're thinking, talk directly to them, and get exclusive access to all the sweet stuff rock stars do. And for the most part, that's true. There are some musicians who are awesome at social media—they get how and when to use it, and do so effectively. And then there are some who find it necessary to #hashtag #every #word, start Twitter feuds, or post pictures that are just TMI. In an effort to help, we've outlined some basic do's and don'ts for new and veteran musicians alike, to help guide them through the scary and sometimes confusing world of social media. #TakeNotes.

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  • Elizabeth de Moya

    But it’s ok after playing a single set right?

  • Max Tarkhov

    agree on everything, but – nobody cares about vine really..

  • Karitakon

    This list is on point. I am surprised azealia did not make it on the list more then twice. She’s an example of career suicide via twitter.

  • Karitakon

    I don’t think vine is down for the count yet. Yes. they did just took a major blow from a 500 pound gorilla that is instagram. But in the history of social networks the big dogs get bloated and passe, then the underdogs seem to rise.

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