Lorde – “Swingin’ Party”



After just sharing her latest single “Tennis Court,” we already get another offering from 16 year old singer Lorde. This one ironically entitled “Swingin’ Party,” considering that it conjures up the idea of a much livelier track and what we get is, instead, a delicate and subtle slow-building song. It still maintains her signature haunting rawness, this time without the extra instrumentation to cloud it, letting her vocal strength shine. Listen to it below.

As Dev points out, this one’s a cover of an old Replacements song.


  • Clyso

    I like lana del rey and by saying that, I like this “lorde” girl. She is raw like lana and her lyrics are just as symbolic. Stoked to see what the future brings this pure talent.

  • Kris G

    Kindness recently did a version of this on their album too.

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