The Many Weird Sides of Soulja Boy


By Colin Joyce

Soulja Boy bought an airplane last year, which is a strange thing to think given how long ago "Crank That" feels like. But if you consider how damn unavoidable that song was, maybe its not so surprising that it launched a legitimate career, even if it's pretty safe to assume that the majority of the now 23-year-old's earnings aren't still stemming from residuals on a long lost pop song. That aside, Soulja Boy has enough money to buy a private jet, and Soulja Boy has enough money to go three years without releasing a proper album or doing a full scale tour.

So what is it that Soulja Boy is doing? He's finding himself, sort of, and buying jets, I guess. He's trying a million different rappers' styles on for size, Lil B one day, Gucci Mane the next, watering down Waka Flocka Flame on Tuesday, all the while slowly settling in on the characteristics that define what this youngster actually is as an artist in his own right. Over the last few years, the much maligned rapper, has become one of my favorites to watch because even if it isn't all that good all the time, it's still a whole lot of fun and I mean, that's the same reason you all like Lil B and Gucci anyway right? So take a journey, chronologically, through the weird and wonderful world of Soulja Boy, we'll be taking pitstops at each of his strangest moments. There's a lot more to the world of Deandre Cortez Way than meets the eye, and there's certainly a whole lot more than "Crank That."