The Many Weird Sides of Soulja Boy


By Colin Joyce

Soulja Boy bought an airplane last year, which is a strange thing to think given how long ago "Crank That" feels like. But if you consider how damn unavoidable that song was, maybe its not so surprising that it launched a legitimate career, even if it's pretty safe to assume that the majority of the now 23-year-old's earnings aren't still stemming from residuals on a long lost pop song. That aside, Soulja Boy has enough money to buy a private jet, and Soulja Boy has enough money to go three years without releasing a proper album or doing a full scale tour.

So what is it that Soulja Boy is doing? He's finding himself, sort of, and buying jets, I guess. He's trying a million different rappers' styles on for size, Lil B one day, Gucci Mane the next, watering down Waka Flocka Flame on Tuesday, all the while slowly settling in on the characteristics that define what this youngster actually is as an artist in his own right. Over the last few years, the much maligned rapper, has become one of my favorites to watch because even if it isn't all that good all the time, it's still a whole lot of fun and I mean, that's the same reason you all like Lil B and Gucci anyway right? So take a journey, chronologically, through the weird and wonderful world of Soulja Boy, we'll be taking pitstops at each of his strangest moments. There's a lot more to the world of Deandre Cortez Way than meets the eye, and there's certainly a whole lot more than "Crank That."


  • beastwork

    well we know who the next broke rapper will be. seriously, buying planes? There are plenty of executive share programs that eliminate the need to purchase your own, personal jet.

  • swag daddy

    he never bought a plane SMH for believing that story otherwise good article but leading with fake facts taints the whole thing

  • complex step it up

    you didn’t comment on shawty los legendary vesre on gucci bandana

  • Trippman

    Soulja boy is one of the worst rappers ever, his lyrics are repetitive and carry no meaning whatsoever, his beats are the wackest and most annoying I heard to date (with the exception of Clams Casino productions), his rapping style is ridiculously bad and changes all the time and is highly influenced by different rappers that are popular at a given time and to top it all off he might be the dumbest human being on earth. Please tell me how does someone like this actually have fans and who the f***k listens to his music?

  • PigsAndPlans

    I thought these same things (except him being dumb. i definitely know people dumber than soulja boy), but I think there’s more to what he’s doing than that.

  • FD 7

    Happy birthday young one and many many more tell Diamond hi! Haters please b patient!

  • Hassan

    Does it matter? Not everyone has to agree. I’m sure someone out there likes his music.

  • gold

    does anyone else find the irony of an artist named “soulja boy” making a song about “stopping kony” incredibly stupid? you know.. the guy who literally has soldier boys fighting for him.

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  • classicsouljaboymove

    you know what isn’t baller? an executive share program.

  • the20s

    *Soulja Boy finishes reading this piece, calls Drake*


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