The Best Albums of 2013 (So Far)


Even as singles gain increasing traction in the fast-paced scene that has developed in the age of the internet, there is something special—maybe even more so now—about spending time with full-length records. In the first half of 2013, our favorite albums are as diverse as the music of the moment. Legends are returning, fresh faces are emerging, and genres are bending themselves into new and almost unrecognizable forms. With the second half of the year already making some big promises, we look back on the 2013 so far and pick our top albums.

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  • RC13

    Really? No QOTSA – Like Clockwork? or Depeche Mode – Delta Machine???

  • beastwork

    nope. no one is talking about that wack trash

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Since 2013 is not over yet, and this list requires an update,please consider taking out Lil Wayne’s album. Its for your own good. (Leftovers: Boards of Canada, Chvrches, Darkside, Zomby, Danny Brown)

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Disagree x100. Can you explain how Cudi’s album is more innovative than Chance’s? Your argument has no grounds.

  • Pinto-Vegas

    Very good list ! Can’t wait for the ultimate best of 2013 !