The Best Albums of 2013 (So Far)


Even as singles gain increasing traction in the fast-paced scene that has developed in the age of the internet, there is something special—maybe even more so now—about spending time with full-length records. In the first half of 2013, our favorite albums are as diverse as the music of the moment. Legends are returning, fresh faces are emerging, and genres are bending themselves into new and almost unrecognizable forms. With the second half of the year already making some big promises, we look back on the 2013 so far and pick our top albums.

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Related: The Best Albums of 2014 (So Far)

  • KIM


  • BOB

    No QOTSA but Lil Wayne makes it???? Do you guys have ears?

  • Heem

    Where’s WOLF? i can’t believe u put wayne’s album and not tyler’s..

  • BOB

    I mean really? I am not a Human Being 2?????Really?!?!?!?!

  • Nick


  • nick

    so shitty. so many electronic artists

  • beastwork

    this right here is the reason you’ve been removed from my facebook feed. that yeezy is NOT better than the Disclosure album or that Daft Punk

  • Jay

    NO WOLF?….This list ain’t real.

  • Zé Pereira

    Yeezus? Really? I mean, reeaally?

  • cmmtsundertheinflnce

    Weezy’s album was really, really bad. The rest of the list I can live with (except Strokes and Woodkid were kinda meh). Yeezus definitely deserves its place. Some acts that would have deserved to be on the list: Deafheaven!, Youth Lagoon, DJ Koze!, Iceage, Tyler, Majical Cloudz, Boards Of Canada, Thundercat, Sigur Ros!

  • ken

    No WOLF by Tyler, the Creator? or Anything In Return by Toro y Moi? but you have asap an waynes generic ass albums? wtf

  • Latest

    again overlooking cold war kids, Dear Miss Lonely Hearts!?

  • Mo

    WHO THE FUCK MADE THIS LIST??????????????
    Who ever made this list need to get their ears checked.

  • lolwutptbo

    you left out my favorite band’s new album and put an album that I wasn’t a fan of.

  • siegs

    here’s spotify playlist with all the “top tracks” from each album available on spotify

  • PigsAndPlans

    wow comment of the year

  • lolwutptbo

    I hope you sensed my sarcasm. Great list. Great site. Keep up the good work.


    No Dream – IV Play? I rather have French Montana than Wayne.

  • Confusion

    Yes, your comment was perfect. Everyone’s got their opinions. I’ll happily stand by this list. Even the Wayne album. I listen to “Rich As Fuck” every weekend.

  • dan

    IANAHB2 is one of the worst albums I’ve heard ever, let alone this year

  • david drake

    Wayne’s album is (intermittently) dope eff the haters

  • PRES10

    Wolf and Watching Movies With The Sound Off smoke half of these albums…way sicker than yeezus and born sinner. I did like born sinner and thought yeezus was cool.

  • PRES10

    and Toro Y Moi’s album should be number one on this list….cant remember if that was this year or last…..

  • DiG

    Kind of hard to believe Chance made it on this list, and not Cudi. Chance’s album really wasn’t THAT innovative

  • sobercool

    “The Quotidian Beasts” is another highlight from ‘Muchacho’, “Confess To Me” is another highlight from ‘Settle’ (even if that album is almost all highlights) and ASAP’s album SUCKS. :)

  • mac

    top 3 albums are spot on

  • fabulousrobots

    You have to go to #12 to find an album created and performed by a woman. HMMMMMM.

  • muffinbear

    Thanks for making the list ive been listening to it bored at work since I lost my ipod. Any reason AMOK did not make the list, I though it was pretty good

  • Thulu

    I like you.. You can stay.

  • ShayShayTheGr8

    How can you say Yeezus is the best album to come out thus far in 2013? It hasn’t even been out for a week. It’s unfair and irrational to compare albums over a six month time span and then put something that has barely seen the light of day yet at the number one spot. At any rate, Yeezus is extremely overrated and this is coming from a long time fan/listener of Kanye. It lacks quality in both sound and content and it sounds like he recorded the entire album in one take in a bathroom stall.

  • PigsAndPlans

    How are you gonna say we can’t judge it in a week and then go on to talk about how it’s overrated? The album leaked like a week ago, and we’ve got a team of people who have been listening to it on repeat since then. If we didn’t think we could properly place it, we wouldn’t have. I think it’s the most important album of the year, and while it’s purposefully abrasive and hard to digest, I do not think it lacks in quality or sound. Play it loud through a set of good speakers and then say it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom stall.

  • bib

    born sinner 23rd lmao and yeezus 1?

  • cuhg


  • ShayShayTheGr8

    You’re the site moderator and you put down your readers like that? Okay then, clearly if someone who comments opinions don’t align with yours then they’re going to be berated for no reason. My comment was in no way pretentious or unjustly made, simply an opinion, just like whoever wrote this article had theirs. I was a fan of P&P but if I’m gonna get put down by moderators then why waste my time browsing the site. It’s just unnecessary and more importantly unprofessional. If you can’t deal with criticism from readers, maybe you shouldn’t write.

  • Ellis Watson

    Wolf >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IANAHB2

  • mike

    no wolf or watching movies with the sound off? ridiculous

  • Joe Cold

    Toro Y Moi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Outside of Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and My Bloody Valentine, thisi s a fairly disappointing list,

    LMAO at Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and J. Cole having the best albums of 2013. FOH!!!!

  • Lexolini

    I’m not going to bother Indicud because I was the only person who liked it.

  • Marina

    This is a great list; the bands/artists deserve these top spots. One of my favorites on the list was Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience.” That album got so much attention, not only because of the excellent content, but because of the promotions it did as well. There were contests running constantly on radio stations, commercials, and it was definitely all over social media. Audiences were ready for the greatness of this album before it was even released.

  • Christian Smith

    Strange. You can clearly write in English, but it seems you can neither read or comprehend it. Look back and you’ll realise that you were neither ‘put down’ or ‘berated’ and finally your opinion was more of an outlandish claim than an educated opinion. The album is 40 minutes long and is therefore the time it can be compared with any other album, save another 40 minutes for relistens/repeats. Try understanding that people have different music tastes to you, rather than looking for an way to be offended.

  • PigsAndPlans

    Definitely was not intending to berate you, just defending why we chose what we chose. Apologies if the tone came off wrong.

  • physiks_VA

    i dont complain about these lists.. i just appreciate them for exposing me to new tunes.

  • qwer




  • Aerial

    Born Sinner and 20/20 are very VERY good albums. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but judging by your taste, you’re nothing more but a shabby, dull hipster.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    …And you would be a Justin TImberlake and J. Cole stan- no surprise there.

    I haven’t heard hip hop worth buying or listening to this year. The relative few that were impressive was Talib Kweli’s “Prisoner Of Conscious” and Wale’s “The Gifted”. 2013, much like 2012, was a fairly mediocre year for music. The fact you took issue with it only proves my point.

  • Olivier

    Woodkid n°1 ! As risky as Yeezus…but one difference:he worked it out !!

  • Gashwood

    Yes it is.

  • Adrian Ortiz

    Robin Hannibal is not the vocalist of Rhye, Mike Milosh is. C’mon son, Robin doesn’t do any vocals at all actually (he doesn’t even tour with the band)

  • RC13

    Really? No QOTSA – Like Clockwork? or Depeche Mode – Delta Machine???

  • beastwork

    nope. no one is talking about that wack trash

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Since 2013 is not over yet, and this list requires an update,please consider taking out Lil Wayne’s album. Its for your own good. (Leftovers: Boards of Canada, Chvrches, Darkside, Zomby, Danny Brown)

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Disagree x100. Can you explain how Cudi’s album is more innovative than Chance’s? Your argument has no grounds.

  • Pinto-Vegas

    Very good list ! Can’t wait for the ultimate best of 2013 !

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