The Strangest Rapper Ad-Libs


For many rappers, the ad-lib represents a space-filler, a moment that allows for a word to be repeated, emphasized, or followed by an "uh-huh" or some other bland affirmation. For others, the ad-lib is recognized as an opportunity for unique self-expression, a brief moment outside of the lyrics themselves to show character, expand the meaning of the song, and, well, get a little bit weird. Throughout rap's history there have been plenty of head-scratching ad-libs that make as pause, make us laugh, and, ultimately, endear us to their creators as we hear them time and again (in some cases against our will). Here are the 15 strangest ad-libs that we can't help but love.

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  • senorwoohoo

    Pretty sure Danny Brown’s ad lib is “Style,” not “Stop.”

  • 89thebrainchild

    I think it is Stop cuz he might be punching in his vocals and telling the engineer to in fact “STOP” and he’ll pick up from there in another take. I used to think it was Stat… *Shrug Life*

  • PigsAndPlans

    Yeah I think you’re right. Sometimes that “style” ad-lib sounds like “STOP!” but I think he’s just saying style. Took that one out.

  • senorwoohoo

    He says the same exact ad lib in a bunch of other tracks. It’s “style.”

  • Andresâś–

    john boy has the best ad lib in the game – “GEEEEEEEESH!!!”

  • ODK

    there are so many other weird recurring Lil B adlibs that would have been great for this list… good list nonetheless.

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I can’t even deal with that Jadakiss compilation.

  • BKHG

    I’m surprised French Montana’s ‘haaaanhh’ wasn’t on this

  • edmasterfunk

    No Chance the Rapper? IGH!

  • teck

    M.O.P….no mention?? ok not strange but they got the most amped up ad libs EVER…I repeat EVER


    how are you not going to mention sir michael rocks meowing?

  • Devlin Brush

    “I LOOK GREAT” or any of that weird moaning/singing stuff he does now would be perfect for this list.

  • Marco Poloni

    Sean Price’s “hurgh, listen” ?!?

  • phips

    how are you not gonna include Lil Wayne lighting up before he hopes on a track?

  • phips


  • Gessafelstein

    Pretty sure its STOP, cuz on some tracks he says GO as well.

  • Chuka

    2chainz’s real ad lib is truuu

  • Liam

    Danny Brown? “STACK” is so classic

  • Lucas Ross

    No Jeezy??

  • cringe

    that write-up on the big sean ad-lib is cringeworthy

  • Kendall Walls

    How did you NOT include Chance the Rapper?

  • Spaska Angelova


  • Shelly, Faery Queen

    Jeezy’s “yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh” is one of my favourites

  • zilla

    aye aye aye okay

  • BoggyB

    Because it’s Kanye’s

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