Things Lil Wayne Doesn’t Understand


By Confusion & Katie K.

Lil Wayne isn't afraid to go out on a limb. Whether it's with the sonic direction of his music, his outlandish fashion choices, or the way he chooses to live his life, he's always been a risk-taker. But when it comes to lyrics, sometimes Wayne's risks don't pay off. Instead of choosing his words carefully, the 30-year-old rapper/skater/father says whatever comes to his mind, and sometimes it becomes obvious that he actually has no idea what he's talking about.

Wayne may be an expert when it comes to getting money, but he's clueless about ovulation. Here are 11 things that Lil Wayne definitely doesn't understand.

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  • stinkypoodle

    When you have put out more music than any other musician…..EVER, you might start having to stretch your metaphors and similes a bit. Wayne is extremely creative in his own way and if you can’t admit that tell me how many millions of fans you have.

  • Bucky Henry

    i like wayne, hes fell off in recent years but half the lines here are do make sense in context and when not taking words as their literal meanings.

  • Sophie Rouge

    Lil Wayne’s fans are just as illiterate and dumbfounded as he is. You know they say “Great minds think alike” as well as not so great ones. You’d have to be high as Shit to “overstand” his obvious lack of basic knowledge.

  • tahir

    No it makes sense. Im a venereal disease is a line on its own. Then he continues that just like in menstrual bleeds, he bleeds through the pencil which is his lyrics but he doesn’t write , so he writes them in his mind

  • lol

    Alot of his shit is sarcasm..

  • SentinelOptimusCunt

    Lil wayne, that Finook nigga been getting plowed anally from Birdman since his existence. Listen to some real shit you faggot ass lil wayne followers

  • DontBroMeBro

    I don;t which is worse the lyrical issues here or the fact that this story was ever written! wasted 10 min of life! Slow day at pigeons and planes I guess.