Watch Videos of Musicians Before They Got Famous


When musicians hit a certain level of fame, we tend to venerate them. We put them up on a pedestal, think of them as more than human, hell, sometimes we even worship them. But it's always a trip to go back into the k-holes of Youtube where we can find remnants of the past. A nicer, more innocent past, one where Rihanna was a fifteen-year-old in a prom dress belting her heart out and Bruno Mars only existed for a five second snippet in a weird '90s movie (Just kidding, "Locked out of Heaven" is okay by me). So take a trip with us down memory lane, here's a blast from the past: videos of famous musicians before they blew up.

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  • CJ


  • Rebel

    Joey Badass has a whole youtube page of videos and songs from when he was 15. “iamJoV”

  • BlockThatHoe

    Cute baby

  • ola

    lmao minaj…minaj…minaj

  • The Bloody Trait

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