15 Great Canadian Rappers Who Aren’t Drake


Canada is known for a number of things—maple syrup, Mounties, igloos as houses—but blanks are drawn at the mention of Canadian hip-hop. While Canada is indeed greatly influenced by the hip-hop generated by their neighbours (Canadian spelling of neighbors, FYI) south of the border, the Great White North does have a healthy hip-hop community of its own. "Well, there's Drake," you say. Yeah, there's Drake. But did you know there are Canadian rappers besides Drake? It's true—here are 15 great Canadian rappers who aren't Drake.

Oh, and happy 4th of July, Americans.


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  • Myke Bulley

    you guys should check out Quake Matthews from Halifax – records with Roc Marciano, Freeway, Royce, and about half of the artist mentioned above – http://quakematthews.com

  • thedopeness

    Gotta say, you missed Belly on here. Greatest Dream I Never Had is a classic mixtape.

  • ohlawd

    omar linx?

  • balt

    Dead Celebrity Status

  • J

    I agree with thedopeness, as soon as I saw the list, I thought for sure belly would be here. And if this is supposed to be a ranking, I gotta disagree with you on #1

  • TheChappellShow

    Should’ve put this out on Canada Day, not Independence Day but whatever, I appreciate your love for Canada either way

  • Goshdarnit

    Happy that Buck 65 is there, along with Sixtoo. Fucking Sebutones.

  • Timm

    You choose Wicked and Weird as an entry point to Buck 65’s catalog? Really?
    I get how it’s approachable and easy to digest, but it gives a very skewed image of what Buck does.

    I’m enjoying this list though. I’ve been listening to a lot of these artists for years now, but I never lined ’em up on their nationality before.

  • Devin Lafore


  • J. Ottaway

    wheres ganghis khan aka camoflauge & Tru-Paz

  • CKray

    Good thing you put Shad on top 3, he’s definitely one of the better rap artists in todays game. Just listen to the production quality he created with that low budget. Not to mention his rhymes, which are top notch as well

  • Joyce Ng

    I was too busy being Canadian on Canada Day, duh.

  • RWall

    Emay’s gotta be on there!

  • tris76

    No Mathematik, Marvel, Tara Chase, or Monolith??? you must be from Nova Scotia….

  • JBP
  • trizzy


  • Hype Chilliams


  • batmayne

    Can’t wait for Shad’s new record.

  • ġhostdirtyb.

    No P. Reign, No Lysick? … damn…

  • Thomas Quinlan

    This list is missing a few great choices (Eternia and Ghettosocks come to mind), but it’s still a solid selection of 15. Good to see Moka, Buck and Sixtoo on the list. However, it’s probably worth noting that Sixtoo was sampling and producing long before he moved away from Halifax. He produced all of his second solo album, Four Elements, released in 1995, and has produced all of his solo music since.

  • Boom Bap

    Odario Williams of Grand Analog is Top 10 if not Top 5.

  • Iron Pulse


  • Goshdarnit

    Thomas Quinlan always represents the real!

  • Joyce Ng

    Beautiful B.C., my friend.

  • ġhostdirtyb.

    Lysick is better than all these dudes man

  • Chris Gronlie

    Moka Only!
    Canada’s most prolific.

  • dan

    No snak the ripper?? No evil ebenezer??

  • Original_Gypsy

    ahem…DL Incognito

  • Level Select


  • Filip Kot


  • Kyle

    Where the fuck is snak !!? Should be number 1 alongwith class and mad !

  • Kyle Krx Way
  • Mikey Steez

    SweatShop Union based on Longevity and straight dopeness!!!

  • Matthewcheckmc James

    Pretty gutted Prevail aint up there!!! surely it shoulda been swollen not madchild from swollen? not takeing anything away from mad but the perfect combination should be there!!!!

  • Bubba B the MC

    I’m really appreciating the discussions on here, however what about the FIRST Canadian Nominated for a Grammy for HipHop? Not just once but TWICE! Check for the Two-time Grammy nominee. Do Your HomeWork. #WishMyTeacherWasBubbaB

  • interalia

    This list could have been a good opportunity to showcase some up and coming rappers… perhaps the next one? Most of these dudes (and yes, they’re all dudes) are relatively well-known and many haven’t put out new music (or anything worthwhile) in ages. Maybe the next list can showcase emerging artists and include some women!

  • Dinis


  • http://sunken-sounds.com Christian Gunn

    xxx clvr & cam smith should really be on here (next year)


    You forgot RICH KIDD one of the illest beatmakers and emcees out right now….

  • swaveey Reat

    Tory Lanez, Shaq ,Raz fresco reema major

  • Jay Perez

    Canadians r corny, hip hop or not,they bash the US, but yet try to be us! Fuck canada!!!

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