15 Rappers You Should Listen to if You Don’t Like Jay-Z’s New Album


By Confusion & Constant Gardner

While Magna Carta Holy Grail will make Jay-Z a lot more money and add a load of record sales to his list of things to brag about, much of the reaction to the album has been lukewarm. It is not a bad album, but it is safe, and in the bigger picture that is Jay-Z's compelling career, it adds little. There are plenty of criticisms regarding the album, but instead of focusing in on why Jay-Z's new album isn't great, it's best to just move on and find something you like. There's plenty out there, so it's not like you have to sit around huffing and puffing with your arms folded, stuck listening to something you might not be all the way into. If you don't like Jay-Z's new album, you have plenty of options—here are a few.


  • aramiska

    Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces, etc, Interesting no bassline so white-hop and a bit freaky on the delivery.

  • aramiska

    MCHG is about as `safe` as the Magna Carta and the Holy Grail combined. Read it and try to sleep.

  • Captain Awesome

    Article made me want to listen to Magna Carta.

  • doom dap

    so much new music to list to

  • #PoetsCookie|(´▽`)/

    Na dey should go cop the new kids bop album





  • PigsAndPlans

    Just wondering, what do you guys think of MCHG? I’ve heard so many mixed reactions.

  • 7

    Albert Einstein, P did his thing! Nuff said, this should be #1 on here.

  • JerzeeBoii

    These niccaz come off as haters … Not a big fan of jay, but good music is good music .. HGMC is a great album, stop the hate

  • joel

    Dillon Cooper is fucking truth, best pick on this list

  • Confused

    is 100s nick cannon’s talented alter ego?!?!

  • Cracker

    Gang starr foundation

  • ami91sun


  • defacid

    “Jay-Z played it safe.”
    “If you want to hear someone who pushes boundaries…”

    C’mon, man! This wasn’t a terrible article, but use a broader vocabulary and some more reasoning than saying the same idea over and over again.

  • Stephan

    Well… Most of these are not worth listening… Could’ve picked way better and less known rappers. There’s a bunch.
    And I think MCHG was a very solid album. People just had their expectations way too high.

  • Deez Nutz

    Run The jewels, Danny Brown, and GFK 3 best on this list

  • Andrew

    Sol. This Shit or his new one, Jump In. Check him out.

  • Kd

    I didn’t like manga carts but Gucci mane?that guys is a faggot

  • Kd

    I didn’t like manga carts but Gucci mane?that guys is a faggot

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