Life Lessons From 2 Chainz’ Twitter


There are some people we'll always turn to for advice. When problems occur, it's often our parents, friends, significant others, siblings—even coworkers—that we turn to for guidance to get us through issues. However, out of the dust of our real life superheroes, an unlikely star has emerged: 2 Chainz. Yes, 2 Chainz. While many other rappers clog our Twitter timelines with RTs and self-promotion, 2 Chainz is out there dropping knowledge on the daily. Discouraged? 2 Chainz is there. Feeling like no one understands you? 2 Chainz does. HATE cavities? Don't you worry, they're not 2 Chainz' favorites either. So next time you're feeling down, pull up 2 Chainz' Twitter and see what tips Tity Boi has to offer, because from just this handful of important lessons, it seems 2 Chainz knows a thing or two more about life than just big booty hoez.


  • L

    Katie, you’re my hero for this! Genuinely really funny stuff. Thanks.

  • Kendall Walls

    Okay I listen to a lot of rap but I can’t even ready half his tweets lol

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