AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)”


AlunaGeorge‘s work lends itself very well to remixes, but what DJ Snake does on “You Know You Like It” is definitely one of the better ones we’ve come across. Really understanding what sort of things enhance Aluna’s sensual vocals, Snake adds some bounce and stuttering snare for a sexy outcome. The official version isn’t out yet, as it just premiered yesterday on B.Trait’s BBC Radio 1 show, but we’ve got a radio rip of it for your listening pleasure. AlunaGeorge’s Body Music comes out on July 28.

(Do Androids Dance)

  • Kendall Walls

    This = fire flame. I don’t always comment on articles (though I get like half my music from them) but this is pretty amazing. Thank you. ps I’m glad SOMEONE is finnally figuring how to wrap up trap/edm goodness in an poppy r&b sound that could actually go mainstream

  • diggerdan

    What are you on about? There’s plenty of trap in mainstream pop and r&b. Also this remix isn’t even that good. You’re a fucking idiot with shit taste in music.

  • Kendall Walls

    o.O someone needs to calm the hell down…

  • Shimoda

    I agree this is good but i wouldn’t put it in a box like that.

  • Kendall Walls

    I reread this and I know there are a lot of trap influences in rap/r&b but I mean trap as a genre which to my knowledge is at least relatively underground.

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