Clarence Clarity – “The Gospel Truth”


Sometimes the internet’s never-ending tide washes up something that could only have come from the internet. One such waterlogged piece of flotsam is the latest track from Clarence Clarity, who, apparently released a solitary song last November. Although this track, “The Gospel Truth,” is the first I’ve heard of him, there’s an unpredictable, bone-chilling quality to this song. A mash-up of child-like vocals, what sounds like a swarm of bees descending into a hive and a VHS/analog storm of noise, the song also manages to include some tongue-in-cheek Biblical allusions.

“Holy Mother / I’m feeling new contractions”—clearly, Clarity is stirring a concoction that almost threatens to boil over, but just before it does, he brings it back down to a simmer. This song feels like what would happen if a ghost taught themselves how to sample and channeled messages from an otherworldly realm into our own through a Casio keyboard.

After listening to that, if you want more overload check out the kaleidoscopic VCR k-hole that features a lip-syncing, animated skull below. Family photos morph in and out of fast-forwarded, technicolor landscapes.

This is a clean break with vacuumed sealed releases we’ve grown so used to—Clarence is melting through the fake plastic coating on electronic music and revealing an existential, molten core. A linked out website on his Youtube page reveals that this track is the first single from his debut EP entitled SAVE †HYSELF. The label, 37 Adventures, is a London-based venture founded by Nick Worthington—an A&R heavyweight embarking on his own project. The EP is scheduled for release in September 2013—watch for more from Clarence, this feels like it’s only the beginning of his electro-skull blending.

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