The 15 Best Harry Fraud Beats


Over the past decade, New York hip-hop has branched out in many directions, but there are still a few producers who stay grounded in a sound that is undeniably NYC. Harry Fraud is one of them. Brooklyn born and raised, the 26-year-old producer has kept himself grounded in that East Coast sound while maintaining progression—his beats never sound like they were lifted straight from the '90s, even when that style is evident in his drums, samples, and looping. With some worried that New York rap might be having an identity crisis, it's reassuring to know that guys like Harry Fraud are here to remind us.

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  • Водный Стадион

    Smoke Dza x Jae Millz – ET’s finger over Bird on a Wire is fuckin heat as well

  • boop

    I’d agree with i’m a cokeboy if the sample wasn’t used in the exact same way as royal flush’s worldwide in the 90’s. Otherwise good list tho

  • Timm

    The Billy Preston sample actually had a similar flip that was quite big a deal in the nineties:
    I’m from Holland and the only Hip Hop show on tv at the time played this for weeks.

  • Don

    Come on, how did you forget Mirrors?

  • god’s son

    Y’all left out his best beat ‘Leaving the Dock’ off Cigarette Boats

  • PigsAndPlans

    Didn’t forget “Mirrors.” It’s dope, but I stand by the ones we picked on here.

  • Jbagels

    Yeah, what those other guys said about the Royal Flush song. Brush up on your history.

  • George Clueney

    I’m a little stunned that “Aura” and “Biscayne Bay” didn’t make the cut…

  • Stowe

    What about Compliments To the Chef with Action Bronson?

  • Anon

    Blindfolds? That’s gotta be top 5.

  • David Doval

    Eddie B- Born to Win, Bronson -Morey Boogie Boards

  • physiks_VA

    he made so many bangers its’ hard to choose… one of the best in the game today like a dj premiere for this time period.

  • blackrabbot
  • gman trpaog I love what he did with camels ‘lady fantasy’ on this. But I think wiz was a wrong choice for that beat.

  • Jake

    “If there’s a criticism of Fraud, it’s that he relies too heavily on sampling and looping…” What would Harry’s music be if he didn’t use samples? Also, some of the samples he uses are original pieces that he recorded with musicians. As for looping… do you know what a loop is? If you don’t loop then how do you end up with a rap beat? If Harry didn’t sample or loop what would you be left with? Think about it…

  • CokeBoyFresh

    His best stuff is with Montana, but you guys need to be hipsters with your list.

  • Captain ‘Murica

    Chinx Drugs – Superlight

  • SmokeDza

    You seriously don’t have “New Jack” on this list??

  • c_deyampert

    Def , List Disappointed Me Harry & Montana Got Tracks & Curren$y

  • GeeHaad

    “almost made it, that beat is great” — Confusion on ‘Bars & Hooks’ feat. Sean Price, AWKWORD, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    “You Ain’t Low” is the only HF beat I’ve ever liked….

  • drew

    Great list, thank you

  • Crunch

    But then you’d have to listen to French Montana. *shudders*

  • Free

    this shouldve been filled with spitta tracks french tracks and bird on a wire tbh n some joints from Adrift

    Deadass put hottest mc lmaooo you guys stay on danny brown dick smh had the nerve to put XXX on top 10 hip hop albums in last 5 years

    Didnt even put his best tracks with French either like Only For A Night, Playing In the Wind, Tunnel Vision, Tell Me When, etc etc

  • Free

    My bad got yall confused with complex lol but i stand by everything else n superlight deff need to be on here

  • TwinBOSTON617

    Th’FUCK yall talkin bout? Pusha T “RoadRunner” is the BEST harry Fraud beat. Hands Down

  • Gia Eure

    88 Coupes need to be on this list.. jada and french

  • Gia Eure

    Eddie B’s new album is tight as fuck

  • GregMacMadeIt

    88Coupes sholdve ben on this list
    Also chinx-goin in for the kill is amazing use of that sample and frenchy -had it all..the fukrn sample of adeles #1song across lik 20countries was used crazy and the drum kis an loops are on point..those should b the top 3 in some order it rlly dont MATTER but those are perfect xamples of his style and how he kills shit wit it..LaMusicaDeHarryFraud hyfr!!!

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