Is This Drake’s New Album Cover?


Drake isn’t a stranger to seeing his actions or lyrics turn into popular memes. So it’s understandable that, in the anticipation of his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same, someone created the above fake (and admittedly hilarious) album cover for the LP. Naturally, this got us thinking: what other pictures does Drake have floating around the World Wide Web that would also make for great cover art? Below are some of our choices for Drizzy’s next record, because once we got our hands on some photoshop, #NothingWasTheSame.

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    Every single one of these is golden. I’m gonna be disappointed when I see the actual cover because I know it won’t even compare to any of these.

  • Gordy Williams

    All of these are retarded. Like Drake. And his music.

  • Gordy Williams

    Get a life

  • Lucas Ross

    Lol not gonna be surprised if one of these turns out to be the actual album cover.

  • blackwall

    pipe down gordy

  • Joyce Ng

    Someone needs a nap and a juice box :(

  • YoYo

    I actually really dig that one at the top. I dunno why, I just really dig it.

  • Latest

    all i could do is laugh.

  • Digital Minds Music

    Drake….used to love him….. Isaac@

  • bahler

    you need one with him sippin’ outta the Grammy!

  • travstrib

    the 8th one is actually amazing.

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