Kanye West Could Face Felony Robbery Charges For Attacking Photographer in L.A.


Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX

Kanye West stans: avert your eyes, as shit’s about to get really real. By now, you’ve surely heard about the altercation between ‘Ye and a paparazzo at LAX yesterday. Kanye, at some point, had grabbed the paparazzo’s camera, and it is being reported that the photographer is now pressing the charge of attempted robbery, which is more serious than a battery charge. There’s not been any word from Kanye’s team yet… except for Yeezy’s tweet about the best verse in hip-hop history.

Watch the video below, shot by another of the paparazzi, to see what went down.

(NY Daily News)

  • Guest

    You can clearly see the dude laughing/smiling after the incident. Right when the camera guy asked if he was okay, he covered himself so he has somewhat of a stance when pressing charges. Crazy.

  • ThatFnGuyOverThere

    Paparazzi are the scum of the Earth

  • stan johnson

    Kanye out of control thug! No doubt. At least a year in jail for this.

  • Professor Green

    “go and grab the reporters so i can smash their recorders”

  • Josh Rich Raps

    Its funny how after the altercation the cameraman didn’t want anyone snapping photos of him

  • D. Rose in the paint

    These people are extreme low lives!!

  • alwalker

    We need paparazzi laws

  • Guy

    Look! A paparazzo being paparazzi-ed by the paparazzi haha

  • franco

    Please shutup, Kanye is not getting a year in jail for that shit. I swear you commenters be on some lame ish, your whole thought process out of whack.

  • JJ

    it’s a shame, how some americans look for rich people, artist or companies to get rich by stupid things like this shit..now for kanye would be easier to pay to not waste his time in court… because of this type of guys… is a shame for his familie how this guy make his money… GET A REAL JOB

  • BadgerBoy

    You can’t impede the rights of a photographer on one end of the spectrum and not expect it to happen all across the board. Currently if someone is on public land or can be seen from public land, photos are fair game.

  • stan johnson

    Its a shame this didn’t happen in Florida. This poor victim could have stood his ground and there would be one less violent thug on the streets!

  • stan johnson

    Crazy is the look on kanyes face whe he attacked without cause! Why didn’t he just get in his car? He went out of his way to assault a man who was not threatening him in any manner.

  • thelatebus

    So go and grab that reporter, so I can smash they recorder…

  • Bryan Hume

    Kanye should’ve kept walking, but paparazzi are absolutely ridiculous. Just a dumb situation all around.

  • Moo Man

    paparrazi are so pathetic.. this guy is the biggest sleeze bag in the world.. trying to act like hes hurt, kanye didnt do anything but try and grab the camera.. now this guy tries to play it up so he can cause a big stir what a pathetic person

  • Bloedig

    We can only hope jackass West gets jail time, but sadly it will not happen. He has plenty of cash to keep himself out of jail. Funny too how his wife makes 100% of her fame/money off the fact that the Paparazzi take pictures of her fat ass. Jackass West is like a spoiled kid with lots of money. Get over yourself kid.

  • great 8

    Another incident planned by kanye’s camp to drum up attention and sell more albums.

  • Andrei Popa
  • swagger j

    you motherfuckers know this, and the other 3 or 4 videos like this, are just promotional, yes? wake up…

  • Franko Sinatra

    hahahaha the photographer face in the photo just says “fuck yeah! im rich now bitch”

  • http://www.str8buttah.com/ teck

    hahaha…poetic justice?

  • http://www.str8buttah.com/ teck

    how is Kanye a THUG?? seriously???

  • lol

    That paparazzo is really goin for it. Kanye just grabbed at his camera a little bit and this dude is ready to call the ambulance.

  • Jeanius

    You’re a twat. You sound like the papparazzi’s butt brother.

    That guy was out of line. Constantly in people’s personal space.

    Not to mention, this is the same guy who had Britney hitting his car with an umbrella and she begged for privacy AND he caused Lindsey Lohan to crash from taking pictures with flash in her face while she’s trying to escape.

    That guy is the scum of the earth. A George Zimmerman with a camera. Anyone who sympathizes with him can join him on riding Santana’s Dick into your doomed eternity.

  • Jeanius

    Ahh I get it. You’re a troll on hip hop blogs. Wow you’ve made it now.


  • JBz

    How fucking dramatic.

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