Kanye West is a Fan of Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rap”


If you’ve read any press Chance The Rapper has done, you’ve probably noticed him mentioning how big of an influence Kanye West has been on his music. In fact, in an interview with MTV back in May shortly after Acid Rap dropped, Chance even said he would “freak the fuck out” if Kanye reached out to him about his latest record. Now, it seems this scenario may be more reality than wishful thinking for the young rapper, as he tweeted today that Kanye is apparently a fan of Acid Rap:


No other details are included, but honestly when it comes to one of your idols giving your material the thumbs up, none are really needed.


  • some guy

    well this deserved its own write up

  • Tucci

    You guys want to write up something every fucking time Chance tweets?

  • GrilledCheeseDeluxe

    I mean, you didn’t need to read it, it’s not like the title was misleading.

  • Chopz

    I wish Kanye used Chance for “I’m In It”

  • Chase

    I’d be interested to see if any collaborations come from this.

  • ġhostdirtyb.

    i guess we’re just gonna take his word for it.

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