11 Times it Was Painfully Obvious That Famous Singers Were Lip-Syncing


To the music community, lip-syncing is kind of like picking your nose; no one wants to admit it and they definitely don't want to get caught doing it in public, but at some point, almost everyone has. It's not uncommon for musicians to rely on pre-recorded tracks for their live performances, but one of the skills of being a great entertainer is not letting the audience know you're doing this. Yet sometimes an artist is distracted and misses their cue, or a track starts too early and they're not ready—or maybe they're just really bad at pretending like they're actually singing—whatever the reason, there have been many moments in music where it's painfully obvious an artist is lip-syncing. Here are just some of these moments.

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  • EP

    You forgot this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYKnGMdSQdM! they even switch instruments the drummer is the one singing and playing bass while the lead singer is on drums

  • Tasha

    @rihanna disappointingly does it and doesn’t seem to care about how obvious it is.

  • Godwin Peak

    <a href="http://www.pinterest.com/pin/58757970112662209/would be nice if artists did like this shirt and STOP THE LIP SYNCING!!!

  • Eric Jay

    whoa awful to listen at the beginning

  • http://astore.amazon.com/spyke-20 TJ Spyke

    If I am paying money to go to a concert, it’s to hear them sing live. If they are lip syncing, i’m demanding a refund because they fraudently took my money. Lip syncing is never ok

  • Eric B

    Cmon TJ..So you’re telling me that if you went to see MJ live at the 1983 Motown Concert, danced your behind off and was marveled by the greatness of MJ, you would have demanded a refund because he was supposedly lip syncing?? GO TO SLEEP TJ.

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