Mick Jenkins ft. Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa – “Cross Roads”


Mick Jenkins has teamed up with 2013 breakout star Chance The Rapper and his SAVEMONEY crew affiliate Vic Mensa, for a laid-back new cut called “Crossroads.” Chance continues to demonstrate a knack for tongue-twisting, smile-inducing wordplay, while Jenkins and Mensa (who shared his video for “Hollywood LA” this morning) more than hold their own alongside their better known fellow Chicagoan. With a jazzy, slow-motion beat giving the three rappers space to do their thing, this is just another reminder just how much Chicago is winning at rap right now.


  • @Shame_Is

    album artwork amateur af

  • chew

    pretty bad

  • sven12

    yeah even as a fan of chance…..he’s just not right for the song. almost unlistenable

  • nevernotgully

    I don’t think Vic ever sounds bad

  • 5ABIOmatic

    The second picture on the slide is Saba, Not Mick Jenkins. Also Jenkins has had one of the best mixtapes of the year with “Trees & Truths. Answering the question of the cover art, Jenkins isnt a flashy guy, he uses it to describe one person at a crossroads with three different decisions.

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