New Childish Gambino Trailer Features Chance The Rapper, Flying Lotus, Trinidad James, and Topanga


What is this a trailer for? Nobody seems to be sure, but we can confirm that it features Chance The Rapper and Trinidad James playing Connect Four. Looks like Chance lost. It also features pornstar Abella Anderson, actress Danielle Fishel (you know, Topanga), and Flying Lotus. Whatever it is, Donald tweeted that the director’s cut is coming next week, and with “Centipede,” news that Donald would be taking time off of acting to focus on music, and now this, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll be getting some more of Childish Gambino soon.

Let’s look to the comments section for some thoughts:

Ergh, bad idea.

  • WeDontSaySwagNoMore.WeSaySwank

    It says “Swank” in the credits, and considering Joey Bada$$ uses the monika of OG Swank, and is the only person I can think of that uses that name, maybe he also stars in whatever this is a trailer for…

  • Jason Arhle

    Swank is a one Child’s homies. He was the one talking shit with tina fey on the end of Royalty

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