Portugal. The Man Mashed Up With Biggie, Jay Z, Kanye West, and More

Portugal. The Man‘s John Gourley is a fan of hip-hop. This might not be immediately obvious when you press play on the band’s latest album, Evil Friends, but it makes sense. The Danger Mouse production hits hard, and the band’s strong sense of melody and organic instrumentation never outshines that raw, headnod-inducing quality that you expect from a good rap song.

Terry Urban decided to bridge the gap with a mash-up album that brings rappers like Jay Z and Kanye into Portugal. The Man’s world.

I just released a mashup album with Atlantic recording artist┬áPortugal┬áThe Man called…Portugal, The Man & Friends. I combined samples from PTM’s new album Evil Friends and some of my favorite rappers including Biggie, Jay Z, Kanye West and J Cole. Please take a listen below…


  • irven

    This is excellent, awesome work

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    thts totally cul