Songs To Drink Alone To


By JennsDrunk and Huck Kwong

Maybe you’ve had a long day at the office. Or maybe you're dealing with something a bit more substantial—maybe the love of your life has just left or you've lost someone close to you. No matter the reason, there are two things every person can count on when the road feels a bit rough: alcohol and music. We're not saying that drinking by yourself is a healthy way of dealing with your problems, but we've been there, and we know it can be a not-so-glamorous part of the healing process.

This playlist is for every person who just needs a night to themselves with their thoughts, a tall glass of whiskey, and a record player (or Spotify). Shut the blinds, pour yourself your drink of choice, and get lost in these songs.

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  • Briley Moreno

    Not what I was expecting.

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