Songs to Soundtrack Your Wasted Youth


Being wasted is more a state-of-mind than a state of intoxication. It’s that apathy that settles into the nerve-endings of young people; it’s the fire bursting underneath the burning cinders of consciousness and being smothered by morally-inept decisions, laziness, and the constant struggle with identity. Allen Ginsberg wrote in his poem "Howl" that he saw the best minds of his generation "destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked."

Our generation of youth can be destroyed by superficiality, decadence, disinterest, and being out of touch with reality. Wasted could have so many definitions these days, from not caring to caring too much, to not feeling to feeling too much, to simple letting every ounce of you be put into something of little worth so that you can play on the same level as the cool kids. From beatniks to flappers to the PYT’s, this feeling of wasting your youngest years is not uncommon and it will exist until the world ends. So you might as well keep twerking.

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  • rob

    i dont even know half of them..

  • CALI405

    Excellent selection. Thanks for putting this list together and for the shout out to the great Allen Ginsberg. Much appreciated!

  • Jetsfoo21

    This is why P&P is my favorite blog.
    Soundtrack to the summer after high school

  • jhkjk

    All time wasted youth song for me is “Spoiled” by Sebadoh

    great ending song for the movie KIDS

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