The Worst Jay-Z Fan Art


Even if you aren’t a fan of Jay-Z‘s latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, you’ve got to respect him as one of the most important rappers ever. Still, some people continue to disrespect Hov. Just look at this fan art. Terribly disrespectful, especially considering that Mr. Carter is man who clearly has an appreciation for fine art.


  • khal


  • URBNAnalysis

    This is a horrible article…its almost like you were digging for an article and this is what you came up with some of these are whack i agree but others are respectably abstract in there own way.

  • JR

    Weak article, some of these are actually good (some).

  • modi

    i just laughed hard out loud.

  • JBlock49


  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    That third one looks like a police sketch

  • assa

    yeah some of these are pretty good, the ‘constipated’ one is pretty fuckin dead on brah

  • Dream

    sometime yall have good articles but the rest suck balls, the caricature of jay was amazing

  • Alex Aky

    Most of ‘m were good and had nice art. Getting clicks for dirty tricks

  • Earl Grey Summers

    SPOT ON! These cats trippin HARD right now

  • SillyBlogs

    I hate how music blogs turn into this shit… it becomes all about what is bringing traffic to the site and trashing people is always good for traffic.

  • Bender

    whoever wrote this doesn’t know what a caricature is.

  • PigsAndPlans

    For one, this is just a joke. Nothing serious about it. Also, 99% of what we post is stuff that we love, stuff that we are saying positive things about. Just look at all the posts we put up today. But the ONE thing you comment on is this, and your comment is a negative one. So you chose to ignore every single positive thing and focus on the negative and comment on it, then you’re gonna tell us to be positive? Come on.

  • Pharcyde_Q

    this article is fucking shit u guys are bunch of judgmental pricksssss

  • AW

    This article is wack ass shit, find something else to report on. If you think these fan art are bad, do something better or shut up.

  • Nino Style

    Hahahahah!!!! The last remind me P.Diddy!

  • Cramzy

    exactly..soon as i say that I was like “okay, they trollin”. That one looks exactly like him.

  • Boogie

    More than half of these drawings are really good… and some probably done by kids, just sad to see that their artwork will be displayed as “the worst jay drawings ever” Sad… BUT be great!

  • pigeons is wack

    I like all of em… I want to see you do better “pigeons.”

  • Seul Rossi

    True talk nobody comments on here except to say fuck this site. When y’all post so much good content. Imma start commenting more that’s it.

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