The Worst Rihanna Covers on YouTube


Along with cute animal videos and clips of hilarious little kids, YouTube is dominated by aspiring musicians covering popular songs. It's one of the more fascinating aspects of the music industry today; the idea that with a click of a button you can now share your material with millions of listeners you previously didn't have access to. After all, look at Justin Bieber; if he didn't upload videos of himself covering Usher and Chris Brown to YouTube he may have never been discovered.

Then there are those covers that are so bad you cringe while watching and wonder why the amateur singers didn't have anyone—not one friend—who was like "under NO circumstance should you share this with the public." Rihanna happens to be one of those artists that people feel really compelled to cover and more often than not, their covers end up in the cringeworthy category. Here are just some of the worst Rihanna covers on YouTube. Hey, they can't all be Vin Diesel.

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  • Terri-Ann No1 Fan

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  • Lottie

    Very well said Cherie! He’s clearly a total dick with nothing better to do with his time than to put down other people who are actually very talented!

  • realmusic

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot. I see some really talented people here . let’s see your video you idiot. You are obviously such a
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