Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Demonstrates the Procedure for Force-Feeding Detainees at Guantánamo Bay


There are currently 120 Guantánamo Bay detainees on hunger strike, and some are being force-fed. To demonstrate how this works, Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def volunteered to demonstrate the standard procedure. The intense video was made by human rights organization Reprieve. From their website:

The video launches a campaign to rally support for Guantanamo prisoners who are on hunger-strike in protest against their detention without charge or trial. The campaign asks members of the public to undertake their own short-term hunger-strikes in solidarity with the prisoners, and donate the time to support them, while also raising the issue with their political representatives.  The website consolidates the total number of hours of hunger-striking undertaken in this way.

Prisoners in Guantanamo have been hunger-striking since February this year, with the total number involved now well over 100. The strike is in protest against their ongoing detention, despite the vast majority of prisoners never having been charged or tried, and over half the remaining population having even been cleared for release by the US Government. However, their peaceful protest has met with an increasingly aggressive response from camp authorities, including force-feeding and violent procedures known as ‘forcible cell extractions’ (FCEs).

  • Florent

    Hell! It takes some courage to undergo such a treatment, makes you realize how much of a police state the US have become…

  • joel

    Not to be that guy.. but these detainees are going through this by choice. Yeah its unfair to be detained without charge or trial, but you rarely find many innocent criminals at Guantanamo, nor is it easy to find yourselves there either.

    Guantanamo unfortunately isn’t a 5 star prison, who’d have thought.

  • caspah

    that was the worst skit I’ve ever seen on Chappelle show

  • R. Kelly

    not to be that guy.. but go fuck yourself

  • Tone

    Mos is a good actor and did a great job with the overreaction. I’ve seen the same procedure done in hospitals and I’ve seen plenty of patients go through the procedure with no problem. It’s uncomfortable, but nowhere near as painful as he’s projecting it to be.

  • GrilledCheeseDeluxe

    You realize having a tube placed into in a Hospital is probably a lot different then it getting forced down you in a prison, right?

  • http://pitythecool.com/ Andy

    I don’t agree with the procedure at Guantanamo. It’s just really disappointing when an already powerful message is overplayed (in this case by Yasiin Bey) and erodes the credibility of those calling us to action.

  • Seul Rossi


    The United States House of Representatives last Friday June 14 not only
    into a clause the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014 but also further incarcerated 86 of the 166 inmates who have been cleared as no
    culpability – meaning innocent – denying their freedom.


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