You Still Like Bon Iver?


By Harmonicait, Confusion & Gus Turner

There was a time when Justin Vernon was worshiped almost unequivocally as a god in the indie world. He practically brought folk out of the dark corner of the indie cave it was hiding in and coaxed it back into the spotlight. But then, as all good things must come to an end, half of the kingdom turned on King Bon Iver and declared him null and void.

His feelings were too real, his falsetto too high, his production too pastoral-meets-synth. Sadly, these people have become Bon Iver haters, doomed to their own gleeful misery. Yet, much of his fan base stayed loyal—and continue to love music that exists in the same realm as Vernon's tunes. For those people: this post is for you. Here are more acts that you should check out if you still like Bon Iver.