13 Animated Music Videos Done Right


Remember the video for A-Ha's "Take On Me"? With the pencil drawings and the rabbit holes, a comic that came to life? Remember how much that blew people's minds, this ability to tell a compelling story with abstract images? The characters didn't get in their car and drive from scene to scene, they flew or materialized. Good times. Good memories. Looking back on that technology evokes some nostalgic sentiment, in 2013 we can have a little chuckle at the animation's comparative awkwardness to what is available now.

But it's really only how we can show that's changed. What we choose to show and how we choose to show it has held pretty true in video, from feature films all the way down to a niche like animated music videos. So we've pulled together some examples from the modern era of music videos and found some pretty incredible similarities. So get on in there and check out some unknowable visual dimensions.

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