Action Bronson Takes Down Another Stage-Rusher

I get it. Action Bronson looks like a really chill dude who would probably be okay with you meandering up on stage while he’s performing. I mean, he hands out bags of weed sometimes, so one would naturally assume. But as we’ve seen before, to assume this would be wrong, and if you were to do so, ill-fated.

During his recent show at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a kid jumped on stage, wanting a hug from Bam Bam (can you blame him?). In response to his advance, Bronson body slammed the guy to the floor, and security took him off stage while the rapper seamlessly went back to performing. So a word of advice: if you’re looking for a hug at an Action Bronson show, just grab the person closest to you. Skip to 20 seconds to watch it all go down.



  • Latest

    hugs = judo flip

  • Troy Monroe

    Haha his whole team is like, “F*ck, not this again…Looks like we got a trend.”

  • Chopz

    Can’t help but think that the dude knew he was gonna get bodied