Border Breakers: 21 Australian Female Musicians You Should Know


Australia has been quietly and steadily amassing an army of female musical acts that rival any given international star at the moment. While you were busy laughing off the island as a former British prison colony and making jokes about "another shrimp on the barbie" these ladies were studying the craft of music with a passion that is palpable in their art. Kangaroo jokes aside, here's a sheaf of female artists from the world's smallest continent that are on the cusp of making massive moves globally.

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  • Louise_1

    What about Jess Ribeiro? She has risen amazing over the last couple of years, shortlist nominee in Aus Music award. And Alice Keith from Sweet Jean has a beautiful voice. There are some good artists here agreed, but if we are picking winners i would think these two are key.

  • campdog

    Yeah. Jess Ribeiro is the best. And what about Emily Lubitz from Tin Pan Orange and Courtney Barnett. Who put this article together anyway?

  • Dan de Sousa

    CANDICE MONIQUE! One of the most talented in the country. I have no idea how people overlook her in these lists. Her work with The Metals, let alone her solo stuff should have people singing her praises

  • Wurzel

    Elana Stone? How can Elana not be on this list?

  • Adam Kelly


  • DR

    Gossling is really good.

  • Dan

    Catcall, Emma Louise and Owl Eyes <3<3

  • Ian Ferme

    These Women are The Beach Boys of the 21st Century I love their music and lyrics! not full of bubble gum pop actually interesting thoughtful lyrics wit meaning and relevance to all that take the time to listen!
    Brighter Later’s “The Wolves” I predict will become a cult classic for future generations.

  • Chris Rickard

    No Liz Stringer!?!?! – This list is invalid.

  • Chris

    what about Steph Hannah, Jasmine Nelson, Catherine Traicos

  • Chris

    oh what about Georgia Potter and Courtney Barnett and Gossling is amazing

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