Beat of the Street: What’s Williamsburg Listening To?


By Lori Trigonis

The neighborhoods of New York are as diverse as any city on earth, so it stands to reason that the listening habits of the inhabitants would be varied too. In order to test this theory, we ventured out into the infamous hipster realm of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to test the sonic waters. Here's our street report of the listening habits of one of New York's most-discussed neighborhoods. The results may surprise you.

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  • Daria Perrone


  • Maxsur

    This is better than excellent.

  • ke_von

    why not a video?

  • Nadinosaur

    This is great. More of this please!

  • guy

    do this weekly please

  • GK_Da_Realist

    This is horrible – the majority of these people listened to mainstream music, how is this even remotely awesome – seems the only person that was out of the box was the Nina Simone cat. This is an indie blog, right?

  • Chris

    The one thing i took away from this is that Enrique looks weird without a mole…I guess I’m a little late on that tho

  • physiks_VA

    awesome.. one of my favorite things in life is discovering new music

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