The Best Rap Songs Without Choruses


For rappers, the chorus-less song acts as a proving ground. If you're a great rapper, you shouldn't have to depend on a hook. There's a difference between Flo-Rida and DOOM. Well, there are a million differences, but one is this: DOOM could rap straight for an entire album and hold a listener's attention. Nobody's listening to DOOM hoping for a good sing-along—if they are, they'll be severely disappointed 99% of the time.

Some rappers depend on hooks, and that's fine, but they'll never be in the same league as the rapper's rapper. If you want to be in that discussion, you've got to have at least one song of straight bars, no chorus. Here's a look at some of the rappers who got it right.

Note: Defining what is and what isn't a chorus can be tricky. For this list, we're counting scratched in choruses (check: half of DJ Premier's songs), catchy repeated instrumental riffs, and repeated stand-alone samples as choruses. If it comes in multiple times and acts as a hook, we're counting it as a chorus. So don't ask where "T.R.O.Y." is.

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  • Bludski

    Eminem- 8 mile? surely thats one of the GOATs?

  • JuanMa

    Whould Rabbit Run by Eminem on the 8 mile soundtrack?

  • Pk

    ooo you guys have started something here…

  • PigsAndPlans

    Yea we considered that one. Wouldn’t put it above these. Would you?

  • dee

    I would. No doubt.

  • Ill-Will

    Actually MF DOOM – Rhymes Like Dimes had a hook

  • Slick

    NY State of Mind?
    Keep It Thoro?

  • DP

    Seriously suggest redoing the list with Rabbit Run in the top 5 guys, I cant believe its not on there considering some of the artists youve put on there

  • slowkums

    No Nature of the Threat though? For real?

  • poopfacepete

    Forgot ill ind of hopsin 5!!

  • that guy RJ

    this list was great…. good job whoever wrote it

  • ABomb

    Verbal Intercourse should be in the top 10. Dope list tho.

  • Cliff

    Wait…. 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction) by The Roots isn’t on here?

  • Gary

    no today was a good day? no failure lupe? no i wonder kanye? no ab souls outro? no everything thats yours mike g?

  • Kiks

    How can a track that actually states that it doesn’t need “No Hook” not be on this list for f***’s sake?!?!?!! Shaq ft. Meth and RZA – No Hook…cause they didn’t need no hook!

    Dope list though!

  • Therealmdotmoney

    what about all of me by joe budden

  • Gizmo

    Gotta throw on King Chip’s “Wake Up” back when he was Chip Tha Rip

  • Jonathan Smith

    Geto Boys – My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me

  • drew

    a milli – lil wayne???

  • RBS


  • RBS

    Pretty sure that had a hook, unless you mean Rabbit Run.

  • shotbro


  • LuiKang

    i was about to say the SAME thing… like A MILLI should be on this list, even if its at the last end

  • Kwesi Rockwell

    Damn, no Black Thought? No G Rap? But we have Binary Star? FOH!

  • JuanMa

    This is a great article. I would of put Rabbit run on my list. I’m sure everyone’s list would be slighty different. Gangsta Ass Anthony – Felt (murs & slug) anyone else agree for the list?

  • Louis

    Big Boi feat. Raekwon & Andre 3000 – Royal Flush

  • Raphaël DC

    I was thinking more about “Secrets” or “Dumb Out” for Joe. He was kinda incredible on this “no-choruses-song”.
    Good article, though. As usual with Pigeons & Planes.

  • cesr

    What about Shad – Yaa I Get It…if “I get it” doesnt count as a chorus to separate verses

  • Joseph Matthe

    My mind is playin tricks on me should have been at the top of this list.

  • Manuel Levario

    zomg… amazing!!!!!!

  • Dubsy

    This list needed DJ Format feat Abdominal “Vicious Battle Raps”

  • Rock

    Roots – “Web” or “75 Bars”; Eminem – “Rabbit Run”; Wu-Tang – “Trumph”; Game – “300 Bars and Runnin'”

  • dingle

    Doom’s face is up there and yet Kon Queso is not…there is much disappointment in this one.

  • Hip Hop Truths

    Yelawolf – Rhyme Room .. Yela has one of the best verses ever on that

  • Darius Morgan

    paid in full clearly has a hook but its cool, i get the gist. the ‘paid in full’s a were a part of ra’s verses true…

  • Dynamite

    Where the fuck is The Vol. 1 Medley Intro/A million Questions/Rhyme no more

  • JayS

    Hell yeah I would. You’ve got Lil Wayne in here.

  • Venomiss

    Um I also like canibus buckingham palace

  • steve shirts off

    Rock Co.Kane Flow is one of the greatest things to happen ever

  • James G.

    Eminem “The Sauce”……or “the warning”….”Rabbit Run”??! surely one of those should have made the list

  • Hekull

    lol, hopsin , lol

  • Kiran

    I agree Rabbit Run definitely is a great one but above it for me is BIGGIE – SUICIDAL THOUGHTS!!!!

  • Hiphopfanatic

    Keep It Thuro by Prodigy needs to be on here and top 10

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