The Best Rap Songs Without Choruses


For rappers, the chorus-less song acts as a proving ground. If you're a great rapper, you shouldn't have to depend on a hook. There's a difference between Flo-Rida and DOOM. Well, there are a million differences, but one is this: DOOM could rap straight for an entire album and hold a listener's attention. Nobody's listening to DOOM hoping for a good sing-along—if they are, they'll be severely disappointed 99% of the time.

Some rappers depend on hooks, and that's fine, but they'll never be in the same league as the rapper's rapper. If you want to be in that discussion, you've got to have at least one song of straight bars, no chorus. Here's a look at some of the rappers who got it right.

Note: Defining what is and what isn't a chorus can be tricky. For this list, we're counting scratched in choruses (check: half of DJ Premier's songs), catchy repeated instrumental riffs, and repeated stand-alone samples as choruses. If it comes in multiple times and acts as a hook, we're counting it as a chorus. So don't ask where "T.R.O.Y." is.

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