British Rap Slang You Should Start Using


Although I get bullied by the rest of the P&P team for saying things like "mate" and "innit," there's a whole world of incredible U.K. slang that really will make everyone's day to day conversation that little bit better. So stop being a wasteman and get rid of that screwface, cos it's bait that you'll enjoy using these 15 U.K. rap slang terms. Safe bruv.

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  • conal

    ” a draw” in northern ireland means a toke of a cigarette etc

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    My favorite British slang term is “put a donk on it” because it upsets a lot of British people when you mention it.

  • rapgod

    Some of them are the same as our slang its just their accent. Like bunning is like me saying I’m burning a el or live o is like me saying that shit was live yo. Its jus their accent. And most of the videos you showed are of terrible rappers

  • rapgod

    Same in new York but different groups might say draw, pull, drag, puff, hit

  • tarzan

    some of these are jamaican slang, british just happen to use it.

  • boot

    I was just going to say.. most of them are Jamaican base.. the UK is greatly influence by Jamaica

  • Joey Versa

    Full ratings for this British list, we appreciate it

  • Joey Versa

    What the hell is that? Where in England do they say that mate?

  • UKBL

    Skeng is A Knife or a Blade. Leng is a Gun

  • D

    yeah, im spinning in my boots

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I was just kidding. It was just a stupid song.

  • Dru

    Most of these sound like t-dot (Toronto) slang.

  • batmayne

    It’s just Patwah with an British accent

  • kjhv


  • Ja

    Slew is just the past tense of slay

  • William Sells

    my favorite is when brits call popsicles “cold on the cob”

  • Yardman

    This should be called “Grime Slang Used Years Ago” get it right Constant Gardner.

  • Felipe

    dun kno

  • Perhapsicols

    ‘Peak’ is missing. Also ‘nang’ and ‘peng’ should be brought back…


    this whole list is waste. you fuckboy yuppies need lives, why not do a list of 15 Uk rappers that are relevant and inspiring.


    Constant Gardener you are clueless.

  • Confusion
  • Dominick R.

    So is MontrĂ©al…..

  • a Badman

    i thought all english speaking countries used the word draw for hash/weed-yes alot of the comments below are correct are main immigrants were Jamaican & Irish its all mixed now, because are country is to small to have segregation.