British Rap Slang You Should Start Using


Although I get bullied by the rest of the P&P team for saying things like "mate" and "innit," there's a whole world of incredible U.K. slang that really will make everyone's day to day conversation that little bit better. So stop being a wasteman and get rid of that screwface, cos it's bait that you'll enjoy using these 15 U.K. rap slang terms. Safe bruv.

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  • conal

    ” a draw” in northern ireland means a toke of a cigarette etc

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    My favorite British slang term is “put a donk on it” because it upsets a lot of British people when you mention it.

  • rapgod

    Some of them are the same as our slang its just their accent. Like bunning is like me saying I’m burning a el or live o is like me saying that shit was live yo. Its jus their accent. And most of the videos you showed are of terrible rappers

  • rapgod

    Same in new York but different groups might say draw, pull, drag, puff, hit

  • tarzan

    some of these are jamaican slang, british just happen to use it.

  • boot

    I was just going to say.. most of them are Jamaican base.. the UK is greatly influence by Jamaica

  • Joey Versa

    Full ratings for this British list, we appreciate it

  • Joey Versa

    What the hell is that? Where in England do they say that mate?

  • UKBL

    Skeng is A Knife or a Blade. Leng is a Gun

  • D

    yeah, im spinning in my boots

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I was just kidding. It was just a stupid song.

  • Dru

    Most of these sound like t-dot (Toronto) slang.

  • batmayne

    It’s just Patwah with an British accent

  • kjhv


  • Ja

    Slew is just the past tense of slay

  • William Sells

    my favorite is when brits call popsicles “cold on the cob”

  • Yardman

    This should be called “Grime Slang Used Years Ago” get it right Constant Gardner.

  • Felipe

    dun kno

  • Perhapsicols

    ‘Peak’ is missing. Also ‘nang’ and ‘peng’ should be brought back…


    this whole list is waste. you fuckboy yuppies need lives, why not do a list of 15 Uk rappers that are relevant and inspiring.


    Constant Gardener you are clueless.

  • Confusion
  • Dominick R.

    So is MontrĂ©al…..

  • a Badman

    i thought all english speaking countries used the word draw for hash/weed-yes alot of the comments below are correct are main immigrants were Jamaican & Irish its all mixed now, because are country is to small to have segregation.

  • Perry Bruner

    You are very wise. See “Drake Responds to accusation of stealing UK slang by saying it is NOT UK slang, but Caribbean slang,.. borrowed by both Brits and Canadians. Also; It is more of an “Entire Carribean islands” slang than just Jamaica mon! Just about ALL carriblean countries that have English as their mother tongue use the same slang terms.. but you def no wasteman brah.. you know ur stuff, and I am impressed, because it seems so FEW, even in the media, are aware that its also borrowed by Canadians too and not just the Brits, For this I applaud you :-)

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