Death Grips Skipping Out on Lollapalooza After Party Was a Stunt



Last Friday, Death Grips failed to show up at their Lollapalooza after party, which led to the cancellation of their gigs at Lolla and Osheaga. Disappointed fans waited around at the venue, and once they realized that the band wasn’t just late, they trashed the band’s gear and backdrop that contained what looked like a suicide note (and I mean, can anyone blame them?).

As it turns out, the band skipping out on the set was completely intentional—as in, yes, it’s been now revealed that whatever happened that night was the show, despite the fact that the band’s management had told the club that Death Grips was “on their way.” The venue is obviously not pleased. Says Erin O’Neal of Chicago’s Bottom Lounge: “It appears to us that despite having a signed contract, they never intended on performing last night and instead wanted to leave a room of disappointed fans.” Is this all that surprising? They are, after all, the same ones who decided to leak their album, despite their contract with Epic Records.


  • Jesse Bowman


  • Sasquatch

    honestly that’s just fuckin lame. it sucks to see people take the huge opportunities, like a fan base, a record label, and laughable amounts of hype and still bend over backwards to shit on the people that appreciate their art. why isn’t making music enough? instead so many new bands gotta be concerned with bullshit, blogworthy publicity stunts (not a knock at p&p). reading this is just very disappointing to an aspiring musician

  • Ryan Rubin

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

  • Jesus

    really? i think what they did was uplifting message for young musicians. Don’t take shit from this music industry a-holes who are only after your fan base. Just make your music and put it out there. if people like it they’ll listen, if they don’t then f em.

  • Sasquatch

    I see where you’re coming from but when you burn your fans to make a statement that’s just kinda fucked up

  • Isiah

    It’s more of a dick move than a stunt.

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