Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus), Earl Sweatshirt, Viktor Vaughn (DOOM), & Thundercat – “Between Villains”


For the new Adult Swim single release, Captain Murphy aka Flying Lotus teams up with DOOM (rapping under his alter-ego Viktor Vaughn), Earl Sweatshirt, and Thundercat for “Between Villains.” The song is creeping, menacing, and pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the squad behind it.

The song will be available to download on Adult Swim.

UPDATE: You can now download the track here thanks to Adult Swim.


  • Marquise bethea

    Fuck yea earl did it again . I heard a clip of this last night on adult swim and it was bomb . Umma check out these new guys cause they detonated this shit to

  • Diego Aleman

    Doom is not new. haha

  • Jesse Bowman

    ahahahaha doom has been around since ’91!

  • SpiffyIfy

    Can anyone else not find this sound on soundcloud?

  • Harrison D. Boyd

    right when i hit play all i heard in my head was godddddddddddddddd dammmmnmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • tehslaphappy

    Does anyone else notice DOOM with white hands?

  • Guillermo Toscano

    Did you just put earl over DOOM? I have no words

  • Drew

    haha noobs

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