These People Are Very Weirded Out by Grimes Right Now


Most artists take their invitation to DJ for Boiler Room very seriously. Then there is Grimes. The Boiler Room hit Ibiza today for a party at influential electronic artist/DJ Richie Hawtin’s house, and Grimes was present to provide music for an hour. Instead of digging for some deep cuts and giving the people what they want, Grimes took a very different route. Her set included Taylor Swift, Daddy Yankee, Venga Boys, and, of course, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” She played the music off of her iPod.

Some people enjoyed the epic trolling of a culture that has become notorious for taking itself very seriously. Others were just confused, pissed off, and weirded out.

  • gomugomu


  • Chica

    It was definitely more fun than Nina’s

  • LewisLace

    why wasn’t any of my tweets featured. what even!?!!?

  • commentsundeetheinflc

    It’s not like it was a surprise. She announced the songs she was going to play a few days ago on twitter.

  • Guest

    She “played” in my city and was terrible. She only performed a couple songs (sounded awful) and then got upset because the mic cord was shorter than she expected and stormed off stage.

  • Sol Sallee

    Erykah Badu’s was maybe worse

  • Alonzo Wang

    always the same breathy whine over a shit predictable beat. Never a sub bass did she get any attention in the first place with songwriting like that?

  • Alonzo Wang

    I would rather hear Badu’s breathy whine over that little bitches

  • cruz

    fucking hilarious – those dbags take themselves wayyy too seriously #quithashtagginglosers

  • h-doglewissucks

    Because if that post is anything to go by, you’re a retard.

  • Jakob Lundgren

    Her show was good when she played in Malmö!

  • Ben Alonzo

    Dumb. When you look up a Boiler room set, you look it up because you expect a certain quality of Dj. You are listening for specific styles. Nobody turns on MTV and expects to watch music videos anymore, that doesn’t mean we have to bring the same attitude and troll Boiler Room, these Djs who play at ENTER do take their work very seriously, that doesn’t mean it has to be put together like shit through an ipod, playing horrible tracks. I hope they never call her again and do book a dj that ‘takes his shit seriously’ because there’s too many clowns trying to Dj on top of the people who really love it to make room for actual professional buffoons to take the stage.

  • Tony Pryce

    Very amusing, some people take things way too seriously, as she has proven. I’ve never even heard of her previously so good PR. Anyone who goes to Ibiza and expects to hear good music gets everything they deserve anyway.

  • Olov Sandberg

    can I see this somewhere?

  • rarablablabla

    I agree. People tune in and know what they want to hear. Just a stupid PR stunt. Personally I never watch the actual videos and just leave it playing in the background. The people in the videos make me cringe.

  • Sarah C

    All I see is ‘waaaah wah wah’ by anyone who was upset. Good grief.

  • Cthuhlord

    Thats a dumb ass reason to discredit her music. Everyone isnt into music these days, just heavy bass…. tsk tsk

  • debbiedowner3

    Wow. This looks like such a serious topic………

  • Marco

    dudes just mad at grimes cuz she gave zero fucks about a livestream show at richie hawtins place in ibiza: a literal wetdream for white guys with traktor everywhere

  • P_Ivcec

    Replies like this are the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Marina Bellini

    Actually, Paris Hilton choices for her setlists are pretty good

  • pretty flacko

    That statement is stupid as fuck, considering the set was played in one of the most influential techno artists.

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