Kid Cudi’s Best Songs That Weren’t Singles


By Dejan Pralica (of, Confusion, Constant Gardner, and Brendan Klinkenberg

When you ask Kid Cudi fans to list their favorite Kid Cudi songs, you're not going to get a list of the singles (here's the proof). It makes sense. Kid Cudi is the type of artist who has proven time and time again that he can come up with sticky melodies and deliver hits, but he's also proven that he's capable of left-field production choices, experimental new directions, and anthems only for his core audience. He does what he wants, whether or not it's the popular thing to do, and because of it he's become a rare kind of artist—the kind that simultaneously enjoys mainstream success and a cult-like following. We know what Cudi's big hits were, but here are our picks for his best songs that weren't singles. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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