Kid Cudi’s Best Songs That Weren’t Singles


By Dejan Pralica (of, Confusion, Constant Gardner, and Brendan Klinkenberg

When you ask Kid Cudi fans to list their favorite Kid Cudi songs, you're not going to get a list of the singles (here's the proof). It makes sense. Kid Cudi is the type of artist who has proven time and time again that he can come up with sticky melodies and deliver hits, but he's also proven that he's capable of left-field production choices, experimental new directions, and anthems only for his core audience. He does what he wants, whether or not it's the popular thing to do, and because of it he's become a rare kind of artist—the kind that simultaneously enjoys mainstream success and a cult-like following. We know what Cudi's big hits were, but here are our picks for his best songs that weren't singles. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Brett Gakiya

    Daps & Pounds should of totally made the cut.

  • Brandon Kaplan

    …I am a little confused because a few of these were surely singles. Still a wonderful list…’Alive’ ‘Embrace the Martian’ and ‘Man on the Moon’ are truly awesome.

  • Romain

    Even if it’s ont linked with Kudi, I think Teleport To Me is also a great song

  • Casey Bird

    Great list, though I would have liked to have seen All Talk somewhere on it.

  • George

    Isn’t “Bigger Than You” actually called “Do It Alone?”

  • chris

    I feel like “No one believes me” should definitely be on here. It didnt get enough play.

  • Zeus

    red eye hands down out of al of them.

  • hendo

    yeah its the same song

  • Nathan Rodgers

    No Cudi Zone? That’s one of his best ever.

  • Pete

    it used to be called do it alone then cudder changed the name

  • Pete

    that was his single from WZRD

  • Pete

    where is mr. rager?

  • Jono

    Was a single off of MOTM2

  • George

    Mr rager was a great one too you can’t forget that one. Real deep. But all of kudis songs are deep

  • Caner Güngör

    ı love kid cudi

  • Buffz

    Dafuq is CuDi Spazzin? and 09 Freestyle ? Those are his best songs ever and Switchin Lanes,bitches!

  • gt

    the prayer should be higher imo

  • Dave Willis

    It was always called Bigger Than You. Whoever leaked the demo tape labeled it incorrectly and it became known as Do It Alone.

  • Dave Willis

    No shit, Cudi Zone is def one of the best. Not sure what they were thinking.

  • mrein

    I think his mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi” is his best work. Every cut is awesome and a lot of the tracks on it ended up going to his studio albums.

    I love “Save My Soul (The Cudi Confession)” should be on this list.

  • Lucas

    There is no best song. It all comes from his spirit. So its his spirit talking, and there is no best words of the spirit.

  • tlee10

    it was released as a single. this list is about non-singles.

  • Kira

    This could pretty much be a list of all his songs that weren’t singles lol. It’s so hard to choose the best songs by him. I do think “Rain” should also be included though, it’s amazing. Oh and “Scott Mescudi vs. the World”.

  • Nana Quaison Sackey

    Amen to Creepers on the list. “workin’ workin’ workin’ for inner peace.”

  • kiddCharlemagne

    notice how only one of the songs are from Indicud #message

  • fsb93

    I feel like “Higher Up” from Dat Kid from Cleveland should of definitely been on here.

  • Nastalg1a

    Red eye.

  • Green

    you obv didn’t get through the whole list

  • On_The_Moon

    wtf what about ghost you retards

  • Popo the Trapstar

    no maniac or mr rager either.

  • Stephane Barness


  • Matt (The Record Stache)

    This list is missing “Heaven At Night”, the demo “Follow Me”, and Sharam’s “She Came Along”.

  • bry

    I’m here and Welcome to the world should get some love

  • V the Villain

    asking me to pick my favorite Kid Cudi track is just rude. why pick one when i can have ALL of them!

  • Ry_Suss

    “Wasting My Minutes” is a classic. Just his opening line of, “She’s so coooool, she’s so hot. But a scholaaaaaaar she’s not.” Gets me everytime.

  • V the Villain

    CuDi Spazzin is what made me love him first!

  • Green

    Look Up In The Stars should have been on there..

  • Kev

    Man I’m not from Cleveland, but if I was, “Cleveland is the Reason” would be my anthem and in my opinion it remains the best thing he’s ever done.

  • Justine

    I like Know Why…

  • Dave Willis

    As pointed out, Red Eye is on the list. But nothing from WZRD or Rap Hard is and rightly so.

  • Cole Parzych

    it was a single. Thats why it wasnt on here.

  • Cole Parzych

    Mr. Rager was a single. I agree though, Maniac should’ve been on here.

  • Dave Willis

    Creepers made this list but Cudi Zone didn’t? Whoever put this together isn’t a Cudi fan for the same reasons I am.

  • Panda

    Enter Galactic.

  • AKgrown

    Totally impressed with this list so far…

  • Panda

    Heart of lion and Maui Wowie.. some other faves that aren’t here! trip down #memorylane

  • Joe Sapienza

    No Is There Any Love? Or Down and Out? Shenanigans!

  • Colin Clifford

    I agree with all of the songs off of his first album. I feel like the best non-hit single is “Heart of a Lion”

  • Amy LaCroix

    Embrace The Martian has always been one of my favs

  • ms_cudi031011

    Cudi zone, & Maniac ssould be on there, no doubt. But the list is dope!

  • rolyjimenez

    Maniac was a single as well…

  • Tyler

    All Along and Teleport 2 Me should have been on this!

  • rolyjimenez

    Im disappointed that “Highs N Lows (I Be)” isn’t on this list. That track is phenomenal

  • dumpster spaghetti

    kinda surprised beez didnt make the list

  • rolyjimenez

    Follow me and you’ll be freeeeeeeeeeee

  • rolyjimenez

    Why you hasting on WZRD? Efflictim was an amazing song

  • rolyjimenez

    Mr. Rager was a single… notice the name of this list

  • rolyjimenez

    Fck yeah

  • brawley760

    cleaveland is the reason??

    thats an awesome song

  • robyn

    Definitely one of my faves.

  • Keith

    Mojo so dope is my #1

  • THORNYninethree

    Love “Marijuana”. Song has a great feel to it. “Can I Be” is solid too.


    Dose of Dopeness WAS a single…

  • kathy


  • Jerry Busari

    Do it Alone?

  • Dave Willis

    I’m not hatin on WZRD, I just don’t think anything from that album makes it on a list of Cudi’s 20 best songs. Not even 40 best songs.

  • mattcresk

    Thanks for this post!

  • Sammy D

    Don’t play this song is a top 5. Cudi song no question about it!!!!!

  • Kirk712

    All my fav’s aren’t on the list. Daps and Pounds, Cudi Spazzin,Cleveland is the Reason,

  • Kirk712

    Highs and lows also

  • Kurtis

    All Along, These Worries, Scott Mescudi vs The World, Mojo So Dope some great ones form motmii

  • Myra Kerigun

    Heart Of A Lion and Marijuana are classics! One of my favourite songs ever!

  • lahlo

    they for got about highs and lows ghost who ever wrote this is not a true cudi fan

  • Cadda

    I like Up, Up & Away best

  • Ced

    So glad Trapped In My Mind was on here. Definitely one of my favorite cudi songs.

  • Ced

    Girls ft Too Short should have made the cut.

  • Ced


  • zoopies


  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    I know it doesn’t really apply, but what about the last 25 seconds of Send It Up. That’s some of the funniest shit I’ve ever heard.

  • neto


  • rickyb

    But just look at all this Kid Cudi love though. This makes me feel great, he is the most underrated artist ever.

  • Randy

    up up and away. Super commercial and would have done well (shit it’s even in mountain dew kickstart commercials years later)

  • Ben Radmore

    Teleport 2 me was a single

  • Ben Radmore

    What the heck about Revofev (evolution)!?

  • Sharry777

    Where is Ghost! and Ashin’ Kusher?? Personally some of my favorites. Not the best but should’ve cracked the top 20

  • Rion

    My World?

  • stonutella

    isnt it “I Be High” ??

  • Jonathon Hernandez

    that’s my favorite one, violins and syths

  • jane

    how the hell is cudi zone not on this list?

  • Will C

    “Rollin (Remix)” with Jackie Chain off of Dat Kid from Cleveland should be up here as well

  • Elliott Noble

    Why not “GHOST!”?

  • Sean

    Great list but where’s GHOST! and Ashin’ Kusher

  • Cassie Houston

    this one should be near the top! one of my all time favs,

  • Marcellus Wright

    Girls, Cleveland is the reason, Maniac, unfuckwittable , Beez, Embrace the Martian, Sky might Fall, No one Believes Me, Scott Mescudi Vs. The World

  • Marcellus Wright

    forgetting sound track 2 my life

  • blunt lit

    i smoke i drank i do my thing…. im living in my own world!

  • Randysandy

    hahaha, I was thinking the same thing. Everyone seems to neglect this song and Please Don’t Play this Song.

  • Xabaluc

    It was the 12th song on the album

  • dsfasdfas

    soundtrack was the greatest grossing song he had that wasnt a single

  • dsfasdfas

    RED EYE was one of the most underrated tracks I have ever heard. so good

  • NorthWestAction

    SOLO DOLO?!??!

  • kruusruuker

    Do It Alone..

  • woogiewoowoo

    GHOST! should be HERE

  • woogiewoowoo


  • Marc

    Cudi Zone is always the best !

  • Orion Anyango

    “Just what I am” and “girls”

  • bargle

    both were singles

  • Thandi Turner II

    What about Higher Up?

  • kola kolaa

    What about Revofev and Ghost ? :/

  • kola kolaa

    And Solo dolo

  • Jaydn Newby

    Soundtrack two my life obviously got the spot it deserved.

  • Vleiko123

    Revofev was a Single but Ghost wasn’t it would’ve been good on the list

  • Vleiko123

    Solo Dolo wasn’t a Single but it should’ve made it on the list

  • Philip Pirrip

    how about Capcom!

  • mike

    none of his singles were good pursuit of happiness, soundtrack, and make her say were on a mixtape

  • chase

    Soundtrack def deserves #1

  • physiks_VA

    My favorite is probably.. “i be high, i be low”

  • Aldridge517

    Kid Cudi’s got hits for days, I don’t blame them for not being able to fit them all onto this short list.

  • physiks_VA

    “Bigger Than You” is definitely intense. Kid Cudi makes the jams that will last forever. Some will never catch on and that’s a shame. I think he will be considered a legend in music someday.

  • Boccia

    Down & Out.

  • drunknmunkey

    no hyyer? that makes my mornings! happy begginings

  • Tim

    No Maui Waui OR the Tim Westwood freestyle?Yes I know its a freestyle but it’s still damn good. Anyways great list, way to get it again complex!

  • jay Ruiz

    creepers… what a joke.

  • ohforreal

    How could ya’ll not put Hyyer on this list?!

  • Youngindy21

    I was bumpin Hyyer on my way to work the other day. Surprised it’s not on here. I forgot all about the Cudderisback song. This list reminds me of why I am a Cudi fan.

  • -Always-Stoned-

    I agree with whoever said “Save My Soul” ABSOLUTELY LOVE that track!!!!

  • Sebastian Duncan

    THE END: MoM2. Song made me Kudi fan

  • jesuskryst

    i rate the top few but wouldnt of minded seeing ghost on there,,,

  • Darlington Anozie

    Man you are so right

  • Darlington Anozie

    well I love the first album…my fav were “heart of a lion” and “cudi zone”

  • Greg

    List is missing some good stuff, but overall I definitely agree. So pumped to see Embrace the Martian on here. He nails the flow of that one

  • Bryan

    Not sure how Cudi Zone did not make it on the list but i do agree that Soundtrack 2 my life is my favorite Cudi song.

  • Miszi

    Ghost should’ve been included.

  • KD.

    Red Eye Is Probably The Worst Song On Indicud. And That Album Pretty Much Flows But When It Gets To That Track Its Like Wtf. So I’m Surprise It Made This List.

  • KD.

    Ghost Should Of Certainly Been A Single Btw.

  • Navid

    Where is Down & Out !? That song is a pure emotion

  • Cesr

    Heaven at Night and All Along should have been here. But great list nonetheless.

  • Lou Fusz

    T.G.I.F. come on people

  • Confusion

    Came very close to including that one. One of my favorites but I still associate that beat with Outkast.

  • Confusion

    It’s a different vibe—I guess it depends on preference. It’s one of my favorites from the album. Straight pop, but very well written.

  • UnhingedReviews

    Great List, Especially “Cuddierisback”, “Dat New New” and “Creepers”.

  • Dubb Lites

    I personally like mauwie owie that’s 1 of my favorite cudi songs or wylin cause I’m young the version with kanye west on it thanks yall peace..

  • TerryCrews

    He tried to make Maniac a single, but GOOD music refused it.

  • Lisa

    i thought man on the moon was a single..???

  • Pk Gyabaa

    Up, Up and Away, Cudi Zone, Heart of a Lion and Maniac should be up there.

  • MrSoloRager


  • KylixDesigns

    Cudi Zone and Up, Up, And Away should have made this list.

  • Dave Willis

    I’m not hatin on it, I just don’t think anything on that album makes it into a top 20 list of Cudi’s best work. Not even a top 40 list.

  • john

    Highs And Lows should be up there.

  • Luc

    I understand people are mad about Cudi Zone it was one of my favorites too but Soundtrack 2 My Life is the greatest song he’s made to me, I guess it’s how you can relate to something like I can with that song. One of my favorite songs ever actually.

  • Marc Martí

    Red eye¿ he wasnt even on there and it sucks anyways.

  • Jordan Cuellar

    where is Ghost?

  • Jeremy D. Pike

    I can haz Cudi Zone, plz?

  • hightoja

    no cudi zone/no solodolo/no up up and away/no well hey lets be honest MOTM 1 was just classic.

  • BaddieBey

    My thoughts xactly

  • KingBrav

    Cudderisback the best one..

  • thew

    Cudi zone is my fav cudi song period, this list blows.

  • Zimba Ugaya

    All along, anyone?

  • Danny Hernandez

    they should make a video of man on the moon!!!

  • Danny Hernandez

    they should make a video of man on the moon!!!

  • Fais

    The prayer should be top 5…where is Soundtrack 2 my life??

  • Fais

    NVM. I just saw it in first spot. right where it belongs :)

  • AspeQt


  • Prince Gumball

    Sky Might Fall was my shit for years and I didn’t even know it was a Kanye beat. Gotdamn

  • zone

    these worries…such an underrated song

  • Aziattic

    No Cudi Zone, GHOST, Mr. Rager or Is there any love?? Other than those omissions the list was pretty good.

  • will

    09 freestyle should of been a single cudi took a page out of waynes drought days and made an awesome beat amazing. sorry rich boy but you suck

  • Guest

    where is efflictim?

  • boboy

    so where is “the ruler and the killer” or “efflictim” or “cold blooded” anyway where are all tracks ?

  • Tony

    I’m just glad they included bigger than you! Defiantly my favorite cudder song besides mr.rager, mojo so dope, solo solo, and marijuana

  • Joseph Ladipo

    No Solo Dolo (Nightmare)?! That’s my favourite song of his and definitely one of his best.

  • Fjeezy Jones
  • Emar5150

    Anyone know where or how to obtain the full Cudi discog? and by that i mean every single album, mixtape, and single. Going back to shit like cudderisback, stoner charm, wzrd….. all of it. I’ve searched everywhere

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  • TB

    How in the world does Sky Might Fall come in number 11? That’s a top 10 song if I’ve ever herd one.

  • Zac Younkins

    Agree on Red Eye and Marijuana. Great songwriting. But the lack of Internal Bleeding and Too Bad I have to Destroy You. Some of his most comprehensive works.

  • Bodhi Theroux

    Dennis, Hook Me Up a With Some More Of This Whiskey! Listen to it daily!

  • Vfor Vibes

    “Mojo So Dope” should def be on here…good list for people to find his stuff that wasn’t on albums though..

  • Mallary

    “There’s a reason why Cudi doesn’t get compared to other artists but other artists get compared to Cudi”. Great line. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    ‘Creepers’ is seriously one of the greatest songs. I swear Cudi has made such an impact on my life I can only dream of meeting him one day. He’s my long lost brother. His words and the way he perceives the world is very similar to mine. I love this guy to the moon and back. Keep doing your thing, Cudi. xo.

  • RnT* @renatogiusti

    HEY YOU GUYS, STOP HATIN’ THAT PLAYLIST, ITS ONLY A FEW DOPE SONGS SELECTED BY THE PIGEONS, CUDI HAS LIKE 1021819`28129891 GORGEOUS MUSICS TO BE AT THAT LIST, THATS RIGHT. but Im agree w/ Cudi Zone. I only see cudi once at Lolla fest in Brazil, the most insane song was all the songs he played. xDD

  • TRWilliams

    I think the fact that majority of these tracks came during or before his first two albums says a lot.

  • Dan Karlin

    “The End” deserved recognition. C’mon, now!

  • lifer818

    kinda forgot how much I was into Cudi before. so thanks 4 the post

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