Lupe Fiasco – “SLR 2″


After Lupe Fiasco dropped “#DopeFrancis (American Trap),” a response track to Kendrick Lamar‘s aggressive and confrontational verse on “Control” that hit the internet late Monday night, he has released another track titled “SLR 2.”

The song is the second installment in his “Super Lupe Rap” series and continues several of the points he made earlier in a series of tweets. Here’s an excerpt: “N*gga you ain’t Nas/n*gga you ain’t Jeezy/You will respect me/You will reject me/But I’ve done so much/No matter how far you go/You will reflect me.” Stream the track below and stay tuned for more from Lupe.

  • cruz

    Lupe Fiasco needs to stick to rapping and leave the politics behind – just another case of an artist thinking they know more than they do …Lauryn Hill called – she wants her crazy back

  • Phil Maddock

    this shit is just sad as f***. what’s wrong with Lupe? dude got way more bark than bite nowdays. damn

  • tam

    people shouldn’t have to ask for respect. they need to earn it.

  • Sweet

    Lupe actually kills it. First he uses BoB, Meek Mill, T.I., Kanye, Drake, 2 chains, lil wayne, and Kendrick style to actually get at him. Second, every single bar has a deeper meaning behind it, you really have to listen to it a bunch of times or be smart to catch it. Third, he explains how he will murder all 11 of the rappers Kendrick mention plus Kendrick with just the Banana line. Can you say, damn? Honestly the reason why most people don’t like him is not because of his attitude, its because they can’t understand him. Even silly rappers like Soulja Boy have mention that they don’t rap like Lupe because their fans won’t understand what they are saying. You have to rap dumb for people to understand. Or use lines like ‘I wish a nigga would like a kitchen cabinet.” and “I beat the pussy up Ali.” Don’t get me wrong I like all the rappers Lupe snapped on but he killed it, plain and simple. If you can’t understand him they have rap genius nowadays or like Lupe says go to Harvard.

  • Jay

    I love how Lupe uses Kendrick style in this song and a few of Kendrick lines against him but all of’s fans, besides myself be like this is garbage. Anyone Lupe really not even dissing the Kendrick, he is agreeing and just saying I’m better. That is exactly what Kendrick said on his control verse-that he wasn’t dissing he just wants to challenge all of hip-hop because he thinks he is better.

  • This Girl

    If I had a dick it would be hard rt now

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