These People Are Completely Terrified and Slightly Offended by Madonna’s Gold Grill


Madonna just turned 55, and apparently part of celebrating the big five-five included getting a grill, which she revealed in Rome to mixed results. There are some Madonna fans who stand by her, and will no matter what. But mostly, people are terrified, because that grill looks unnatural, unappealing, and downright terrifying. Here are some reactions from people who are terrified and offended that Madge chose to sport gold all in her mouth.

  • Fima5813

    The art of true reporting is to offer both sides. I see none of that here, merely bias and judgement . What of the comments of the 1000’s of fans who see this as fun and live thise Grillz especially on Madonna! Note she is always laughing and smiling with them in! She couldn’t care less what people think anyway. Her moniker has always been Express Yourself and she walks the walk. From my point of view I fail to see what the hell age has to do with it. So at 55 you can’t join in the fun, you should get out your slippers and dressing gown and behave like the stereotypical image of someone in their 50’s?? Well Madonna is all about changing the world so there! You haven’t got a prayer!

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