Introducing the Dark, Pitched Down Rap of Nashville Duo Moon Unit


Moon Unit is a Nashville-based duo of rapper Jacinto Princep (Jerry Hodak) and producer Nabes (Stephen Barnes). They originally come from Pittsburgh, but their murky, drugged out brand of rap sounds more like Nacho Picasso and some of the other dreary hip-hop of Seattle—they desrcibe it as “after-party slowmo music.” It’s a pretty dead-on description of what to expect. Plenty of hip-hop is meant to start the party, but this is definitely something meant for the late night come-down.

So far we’ve only got two songs, “Slow.” and “CHATT.” Check out both below.

  • Briley Moreno

    Sounds almost entirely identical to Pony Bwoy’s new album.

  • Franswais

    Nawwwwww breh. Use got that twisted like a backwoods. Dem boys fully original. No tomfoolery involved.

  • ClaeSea

    Moody rap effects of marijuana legalisation. All for it.

  • b-b-ba-bacon

    thank you

  • Andrew Zock

    Perfection to a tee

  • good shepard

    good shepard approves

  • Me

    Nacho Picasso namedrop, nice

  • rasaalibre

    Shouts Out XmoonunitX

  • Jared Williams

    #rarecandy #level99

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