Music To Fall Asleep To: 15 Songs That Will Cure Your Insomnia


Every day we go to war with our bodies over sleep.  As much as we might want to, it's impossible to just switch off and drop out for eight hours every night. Our senses still tingle and the anxieties and excitements of the day still reverberate after our head hits the pillow. So sometimes it's necessary to introduce a little extra help in order to make sure the sand hits the right spot in your eyes. But before you reach for the Ambien, give this playlist of sleepy songs for the summer a spin and see if that does the trick. Naturally, this playlist only scratches the surface, but it's a start. Find that comfy spot in your bed and doze off—or if you're at work, settle back and just take a little nap at your desk.

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  • hiiiigher

    Vibrate – Andre 3k

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    This is definitely one of my favorite lists you’ve done this year. Personally, I’d add “Angela” by Bob James, though. Y’know, the Taxi theme song.

  • Ave

    Thanks ! Great List for Us Night Walkers Here is my contribution.

    ID3 – Hummingbird (Feat. Soundmouse & Jett)

  • Timothy Akins

    Not one Beach House song…? “dream pop” is their genre

    “Zebra” or “Myth” need to be on this list for it to be valid…

  • Hisham Dahud

    Get to know Lowercase Noises, particular his track “Passage”.

    If you’re remotely into this music, you’ll fall in love with his soundscapes.

    Be easy (listening)!

  • dan

    Hello Crax,
    Thanks for sharing this post on how to fall asleep.
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    Keep up the good works mehn.

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