Friends in Low Places: Country Star Call Outs in Rap Songs


Hip-hop and country music are two genres that seem to be miles away from each other. Upon closer inspection, though, the genres share some similarities—both were long shunned from the mainstream music audiences, both are often dismissed as region-specific or unintelligent, and both have deep roots in American culture.

Although it might at first seem unlikely, it appears that rappers do in fact listen to country, or are at least familiar enough with it to shout out some of the genre's most influential figures in rap songs. Long before Brad Paisley and LL Cool J got on a track together, Nelly and Tim McGraw were collaborating on Nelly's 2004 hit "Over and Over" (It reached a No. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100), and even newcomers like Chance the Rapper are shouting out country acts. Seriously, what could be better than a converging of country and rap, two genres that have been most often notoriously dismissed by mainstream music? Read on to uncover the country stars your favorite rappers have been namechecking.

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