Rock Music Sucks Now and It’s Depressing


By Ernest Baker

What the hell happened to rock music? The most successful band out right now is either Fun. or Mumford & Sons, and that is fucking depressing. I’m not even close to being an anti-mainstream rockist. Like, in an ideal way, I want to hate Fun. and Mumford & Sons for pussifying the genre, but I know that “Some Nights” and “I Will Wait” are jamming, and I’m forced to respect them for racking up those Grammys. I’m not even mad at what those bands are doing. There’s just a fear and looming sadness when you acknowledge that Fun. is not Nirvana and Mumford & Sons is not Guns N’ Roses. Those days are gone.

Lamenting the passing of a period of music, insisting that it was better, and wishing it would return is one of the most cliché, typical, and honest behaviors of any music fan, especially when it comes to rock. Watch any YouTube video of Cobain or Bowie or Hendrix or Zeppelin and scan the comments—90% of them will be cynical and nostalgic. This happens on R&B videos, but people today still have Frank Ocean and Beyoncé. This happens on pop videos, but people today still have Rihanna and Katy Perry. This happens on rap videos, but people today still have Kendrick Lamar and Drake. But rock fans are hurting. They’re feeling the void, and it’s understandable. What’s interesting is exactly how the Rock Music Economy has collapsed over the years.

It’s all been a very visible decline. It’s culminated in a 2013 when rock is just not the popular music anymore. No rock band is opening or closing the VMAs. The award for Best Rock Video was even relegated to a throwaway pre-show presentation during this week’s broadcast of the VMAs. No rock band is at No. 1 on the Hot 100. The people who sell a million albums first week these days are Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne. But 10 or so years ago, Limp Bizkit was doing that, and Creed was pretty damn close to doing that. People hate those bands, but it just goes to show what kind of grasp rock once had on pop culture.

Maybe that’s how rock got itself into this mess: always moving on from one phase to the next, but not in the evolutionary way that the music moved from punk to post to hair to grunge. Even though those evolutions were based on the rejection of something, it always seemed like there was a respect for previous incarnations of the music. By the late 1990s, as grunge gave way to complete mainstreamification of rock and led to the birth of bands like Matchbox 20 and Vertical Horizon, rock started moving from one phase to the next with embarrassment, and if its own participants didn’t believe in the genre, who else would?

Cynics and contrarians got Blink 182 and pop punk the fuck out of here. They got rap-rock the fuck out of here. They got emo the fuck out of here. They got post-punk revival the fuck out of here. And they got that indie hipster shit that was happening in 2008/2009, when MGMT was the biggest band in the world and Jay Z was going to Grizzly Bear concerts, and Vampire Weekend was on the cover of SPIN before they even had an album out, the fuck out of here. Now we’ve arrived at an existence where the only rock stars left are people who don’t make rock music and Mac Demarco, who maybe 12 people know about.

Gone are the days of Sid Vicious cutting himself on stage. Gone are the days of Ian Curtis kicking that chair, David Byrne having spasms on stage, Morrissey making depression chic, Axl Rose assaulting fans, or even Kid Rock attacking Tommy Lee over Pamela Anderson.

You can point to Rihanna’s manufactured insanity, Frank Ocean’s beef with Chris Brown, and EDM’s rise as a sign of other genres having life injected into them. We just lived through a summer with records from Kanye West, Jay Z, J. Cole, and Drake in one 90-day radius. That’s life. It feels like rock hasn’t had much life since The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Modest Mouse all dropped in the same year. It feels like rock hasn’t had much life since The Vines, The Hives, and The White Stripes all had those green Buzzworthy tags on MTV at roughly the same time. James Murphy just quit LCD Soundsystem and the game has been fucked up since. Now all rock has is Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.

There was a time when rock had a complete, undisputed, suffocating stranglehold on the entire realm of popular culture, and that time is no more. Macklemore and a fucking teenage terrorist are more relevant subjects for the Rolling Stone cover than any rock band.

It’s not that I don’t know about or listen to the awesome, great, independent, underground rock music that’s still being made and released every day. But the fact that it’s underground and not mainstream therein lies the problem. There was a time when rock had a complete, undisputed, suffocating stranglehold on the entire realm of popular culture, and that time is no more. Macklemore and a fucking teenage terrorist are more relevant subjects for the Rolling Stone cover than any rock band. Why do you think they have like 12 Springsteen covers every year? There’s just nothing new in the genre that matters on the massive scale that it once did.

I don’t have an answer as to why rock is so boring right now, but there’s no question that it most certainly is. Kids would rather be Twitter Famous than be in a rock band these days. The genre has lost but all its influence with the masses, and at best you have a Lollapalooza as the last bastion of the genre’s former glory. Rock music will always be around and there are ebbs and flows to music—who knows, by the end of the year maybe something amazing will happen in rock and hopefully it does because rock music needs it.

“Moves Like Jagger” goes down in history whether we like it or not, but I’d rather have a new Jagger. “Ho Hey” is fucking fire but I still need something that makes people feel the way “When I Come Around” made people feel in 1994. I don’t doubt it’ll happen again, but until it does, these are the dark days. When the most successful rock album of the year is called Save Rock and Roll, you know that the epidemic is no myth.

Rock music: Get it the fuck together.

  • The Dude

    You guys really need to hire a music critic who actually listens to rock music. This whole article and the writer’s argument are terrible.

  • Latest

    as long as the rock artist I enjoy continue to put out music, I could care less who wins what award or who gets all the social media attention, pfft.

  • Kirsten Zache

    spot on

  • yourmom

    “It’s not that I don’t know about or listen to the awesome, great,
    independent, underground rock music that’s still being made and released
    every day. But the fact that it’s underground and not mainstream
    therein lies the problem.” Is that a problem though? it seems like a fundamental part of being a rock fan is hating mainstream rock, therefor it was inevitable that mainstream rock would run out of steam eventually.

  • Dusty

    agreed….and lots of typos

  • Rick S


  • Confusion

    What about classic rock when people like Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger were stars? What about when Nirvana was the most popular band in the country?

  • Confusion

    what typos are you referring to?

  • Confusion


  • dan

    rock music tends to get more experimental, with drum kits replaced by MPCs, guitars replaced by samplers and midi keyboards. the rise of EDM & future garage scene affected the whole thing, changing people’s expectations. of course, if a new act will get out from the suburbs of Seatle, I bet Jay Z will go to their concerts.
    I was having the same debate today with a colleague – where’s the indie rock scene? a miss a band like Pete and the Pirates (goose bumbs) or Funeral Party, to show some attitude. oh, then there’s the 2011 Arctic Monkeys album, in which they realised they have no idea what’s going on, so they tunned their guitars to a more abrasive sound, since rock music is all about how the guitar sounds like.
    but sometimes it needs to get worse before getting better, so maybe it’s just bad timing. maybe there’s a band out there, with a nice groove, waiting for these scene’s recognition.
    Drake’s kind, Lil Wayne and the likes will continue to exist; and Tiesto will continue to make a fortune in Europe, but that doesn’t mean the scene is crowded. people are always open to new sounds, it’s just producers who are afraid of experimenting, or sometimes they;re just trying too much this experimenting thing, just trying to show how much skin they got, trying too much to be different, since most of us got wrong the idea of differentiation. damn, advertising people.
    on the other hand, there are also more and more DJing project that are including live instruments into their sets, Mount Kimbie is one example.

  • vivazapata

    Not even trying to hate and I agree with the argument but “They emo the fuck out of here.” Obvious typo. Still a good article!

  • Confusion


  • Megan Mattice

    As a young music connoisseur, I seem to know more about music in my 21-years-of-age than this guy. I agree with ‘The Dude’. A re-hire is in order.

    I’m never reading from this ‘news site’ again.

  • DeeJay Dario

    Damn son, looks like you looking for the uber rock bands. Every genre has their peak; most recently hip hop just died out to give rise to the new edm (talking about mainstream level) and rock still have their acts not at a highlighted level but still there.

  • Doc

    And this dude would have probably complained about them when they were in their prime too. “What’s with all the depressing rock coming out of Seattle these days? What happened to the good old days of The New York Dolls and Twisted Sister?”

    Just because you don’t like the current incarnation of rock, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Unbunch those panties, give it a few years and a new fad in rock that you might like will come around. Who knows, maybe we’ll get another run at Psychedelic Rock

  • Matthew Almont

    This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Haven’t you heard of Jack White, Foo Fighters, and Fall Out Boy? People make the “rock music is dead” argument every 5 years and its getting annoying. Also, you can hate on fun. al, you want, but they’re responsible for the rejuvenation of alternative music on the charts.

  • j

    Complex, stick to hip hop and the pop world, there are so many fucking awesome rock bands. Clearly shit like Mumford and sons and Fun. aren’t true rock music. Listen to The Receiving End of Sirens, Icarus The Owl, Proceed, Minus The Bear, and the list could go on. Rock music suffers because of shit acts like the ones you posted. (not nirvana and G&R)

  • Confusion

    That’s the point though, that none of these good rock bands are making a major impact on pop culture like great rock bands used to.

  • Chad

    Great article. Ignore the sceptical keyboard warrioring naysayers, you’re pretty correct to be fair. I don’t even care if the next rockstar is a complete and utter tosser, hell I’d even take back Johnny Borrell. We need a good rockstar tosser(s) again. We need music that pulls kids away from computers and forces them to set up guitars and amps in their bedrooms whether they can play or not. Sad, sad, sad times.

  • Kyle Littleton

    Foo Fighters are on break and Save Rock and Roll was… okay. I don’t agree totally with the premise of the article, but you could’ve used better examples. Jack White is timeless though because of his ability to blur genre lines (as is Patrick Stump). Definitely agree with “rock music is dead” though. As someone who would be listening to older stuff whether there’s good, new stuff coming out or not, that statement of rock being dead is played out and annoying.

  • Leo

    Same argument could be moved in parallel to underground music, there’s nothing really new or revolutionary. I think rock music was always determined by great changes in society and therefore in young people’s feelings. Nowadays which could be the fuel of a rock music reinassance?In a world where every one can express its opinion instantly and receive immediate feedback?In a world where it’s more important shooting a vintagesque instagram pic than watch what should’ve captured your attention?

  • Joe Mac

    Quick correction, Fall Out Boy definitely does not belong in the same category as Foo Fighters.

  • The Dude

    It’s a tag line that is used to get clicks and illicit responses like ours. It has no real meaning behind it and you see no real music journalists use it because it is so cliche to say. And article that use the term tend to follow the path of the ones laid out here, while ignoring things like album or concert sales, which despite the negative viewpoint of this author are actually doing quite well. Not to mention the fact that NIN was a huge influence on the new Kanye album and last year you couldn’t go a day without hearing a black keys song on a commercial/played on the radio/etc. And when people say “well yeah there’s still good rock but it’s mostly indie” they ignore the fact that bands such as vampire weekend and the like are actually signed to major labels and the term “indie” therefore has no real meaning in this context.

  • Joe Mac

    There will always be a couple rock bands on the sidelines (Jack White, Black Keys, Foo Fighters) picking up an award here and there. All three of these groups were nominated for/won awards at the Grammys with the release of their latest albums. El Camino won best rock album, best rock performance, and best rock song. Wasting Light earned FIVE Grammy awards, including best rock album. Hell, even Blunderbuss was at least nominated for three awards. He would’ve won too, if he wasn’t up against El Camino. So yea, theres’ still some awesome popular rock out there, you just have to look for it.

  • The Devil

    Has it ocurred to you that maybe limp bizkit and creed fucking suck, and that would be why most people don’t care about them anymore? Besides isn’t the whole point of rock music is to go against mainstream stuff? God, Guns ‘N’ Roses was always a shitty band, but what do i know it all comes down to a matter of taste, right? Yes, there are great fucking bands, i mean, classic rock bands, their music is eternal, so you can always go back to listen to their stuff if you’re disappointed with today’s music scene. I listen to a lot of different music, new stuff and old stuff, but yeah, not even pop music is the same nowadays, it’s not just rock, i get what you say but music is diverse, people’s tastes are diverse, everything is relative, everything is debatable. But there are great bands and aritsts out there. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s good, fuck, justin beiber, miley cyrus and nicki minaj (to name a few) are perfect examples of that, they sell their shit, are they really talented? I don’t think so. But then again, that’s just my opinion. Just deal with it like we all do, but don’t fucking whine like this.

  • Cal

    Since when did Mumford and Sons ever claim to be a “rock” outfit? They a have a banjo and a upright bass for god’s sake! Folk artists like Mumford shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Guns n’ Roses or Nirvana, not because one is better than the other but rather they cater to different genres of music.

  • The Devil

    Exactly! I totally applaud you!

  • Guy On Facebook

    I could not finish this bullshit

  • Guy On Facebook

    meaning the article, not your comment. Now your comment I liked.

  • Sure Okay

    seriously. he’s just whining and doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • dom mclennon

    ^this will happen


    they arent getting the recognition, they have to try and come up a world where the people who will get them attention are more interested in Young Lean. My two cents

  • Dee Lockett

    As a NJ native with rock ‘n’ roll in her blood, it pains me to side with Ernest on this one. Contemporary rock hasn’t had a moment since Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ and that’s completely evidenced by who’s consistently selling out tours (Green Day, Rolling Stones, U2, Bruce Springsteen, insert any rock legend here). For me, rock became boring when it lost its chutzpah, ability to provide relevant social commentary, and sense of cultural responsibility. Why is Bruce Springsteen the only one dedicating songs to Trayvon Martin on stage? Why is Macklemore the one with the huge hit about same-sex love when rock history’s rife with LBGT icons past and present. I also think rock’s become creatively stagnant. When Jack White’s about as experimental as it gets and he can still barely scratch the mainstream’s surface, that’s a big fucking problem.

  • Doctor of Music

    there will be a new movement in rock within 2-3 years, i’m just hoping it will not involve the hipster shit that is flooding the indie scene right now

  • tnreagan


  • Lucas

    First off. You lost me when you compared Mumford and Sons to Guns N Roses. One’s Folk Rock and the other is classic. Fuck tard. Get some new writers. Jesus I mean times change. Get the fuck over it. Rock music, specifically alternative/indie rock has remained in tact more than any of the other genres and has conquered boundaries that they hadn’t before. One band that perfectly sums up TERRIFIC new age rock… Arctic Monkeys

  • Carver Low

    I’m confused, are you blaming rock music for not being popular anymore? The cultural zeitgeist is much bigger than genre talent…

  • VIco

    This guy thinks the US is the center of the world, and MTV it’s the only valid showcase for music of any genre. I truly believe rock music has found that economically, the mainstream is not fruitful anymore. The author says there’s some underground bands that are awesome. Man, there’s huge bands that are making a lot of money, they just don’t care about MTV anymore. Whoever does work in the rock industry and not only has an opinion about it based on the VMAs (like, c’mon!), knows bands don’t want to be the biggest band in the world anymore. The last to ambition that were The Killers, and look at them now, I mean if you can call that rock music, of course. Rock bands don’t ambition a lot more than having gigs, cool videos to show on youtube (not on MTV) and play in festivals.

    QOTSA released an amazing album this year, surely it was their label’s idea to have a huge marketing campaign for it, and MTV had little or no presence in that plan. They had 4 videos released almost at the same time on youtube, something that MTV would just not accept. What worked for them? Good music, good reviews all over the world, focus on their real potential costumers and good timing so they can play all year long wherever they get payed the most. They realized MTV is not the window to success anymore.

    MTV is the one that is getting old, they might have no competitor in representing the music industry on TV, but the thing is no one is watching TV anymore. The article even points out that no one wants to be a rockstar, but they don’t want to watch MTV either. Have you noticed what they are tweeting about? What are they discussing on reddit? Kids are even tired of FB, what would you expect about MTV which hasn’t been relevant for years now? Maybe MTV attracted attention for one day, maybe even a month of good ratings, but that won’t change its fate.

    MTV actually looks desperate putting Miley Cyrus on meth on their biggest stage to attract attention. I mean even their guests were not playing along, VMAs look like a private party for Rhianna, JT, and Taylor Swift. N’sync? really? who actually cares? What I mean is that everyone that can care about them already does. If they want to show Miley Cyrus as a kind of representative of the “rebel future” of music, MTV might keep their viewers but that lie won’t be enough for the most of us.

    MTV has no card under their sleeve to maintain their power in the World’s music industry for much longer and it shows. They turned their content into reality TV, and that is boring even for the most retrograde of teenagers. The only thing I personally believe was interesting about the VMAs, was the art theme they had throughout the whole show, but that will only transcend as an anecdote. I didn’t see the VMAs for the 10th consecutive year (or so), and for long I’ve know that this is not out of conviction but because of how little i care about it.

    MTV is dead, it’s been dead for long.

  • Justin

    Hell yeah ^

  • Devin Middleton

    I get what you mean. There aren’t any ‘iconic’ bands or artist anymore. We wont look back on history calling the frontmen of GrizzlyBear or Vampire Weekend (although I love both those bands) sex symbols or trendsetters in anyway. The whole excitement of the rock genre isn’t the same anymore. But I think that’s more of a result of there being tons n tons of new buzzbands every day, n not a few fantastic 1s that a market gravitates to. So in 2013, theres something for everyone, but that means we rarely come together to celebrate 1 band/artist that we all believe is truly great. So that feeling is gone n I doubt will ever come back.

  • Carter

    There’s also the Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Strokes, Sleigh Bells, Tame Implala, and the Cults to name a few. Sorry that glam rock is no longer a genre and bands like KISS and ACDC aren’t making music anymore. But wait, isn’t that a good thing?

  • Devin Middleton

    I think youre spot on, n like @pigeons said, artist have evolved without remembering what made the previous greats so great. Which is why a genre can die, b/c we’re too busy trying to move on, that we forget the essential gems to keep. It pains me to not have a new guitar focused band to listened to, but see the same synth heavy 4 piece with ambient vocals

  • ernest baker

    Bob Dylan was folk, too. Was he not rock?

  • at

    I feel like this is essentially a factual article with casual wording, so it comes across as an opinion piece. It’s true, rock is not how it used to be. And I wrote a piece for my personal blog pinpointing the exact moment where it went down: Chad Kroeger’s “Hero”. It dropped right as the neo-grunge movement was waning, and if you sit down and listen to the song, it’s sappy and super adult-contemporary, which paved the way for what Nickelback is now. They were once a buzzworthy rock band, but Kroeger changed their direction with a simple genre flip. And then Our Lady Peace, Three Doors Down, and Matchbox 20’s sounds all started fit the AC radio mold. There’s also the whole debacle with labels in the US not allowing their artists to simply release singles on CDs — just full albums so the labels could make more money — which lowers the music quality since throwaway songs make the cut. It’s HARD to release a rock album that has no filler songs, since there’s only so much you can do with a guitar, so even though bands like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand have had great success, not all their music is sustainable enough to keep their career going long enough to make them legends. That’s just my two cents though.

  • Rhys Stevenson

    Instead of fabricating lies, listen to the underground. British rock and metal is as strong as ever.

  • Rhys Stevenson

    Underground music is where it starts, it thrives there

  • Oli

    Rock is one of the most alive genres in music today. Instead of having its sounds and messages confined to the shells of the “music industry”, rock is paving its own way through the bullshit and walking through the back alleyways of the pop machine, drawing new and incredible influences from every genre and cranking out amazing band after amazing band. These bands however, will never reach the stardom the old rock gods achieved, because this is a different time, with different aesthetics, way more paperwork, and way too many people tampering with the sounds and souls of those on their way to the “top”. I’m so happy to see rock get pushed out of the MTV awards and sideshows like it, any self respecting rock band gracing that stage would inherently be proving that they’ve given up anything resembling real soul and substance.

  • Khoko

    It’s not that rock sucks it that it’s been filled to the brim with bullshit and genre humping trend following teenagers but that happens with every generation. They pick a genre to sap of creativity and then they move on to the next. It’ll have it’s time again. Just look at whats happening to rap/hip hop now.

  • Sarr

    What about the Black Keys or even Artic Monkeys ? Those bands are rock bands + talented + even mainstream but only because of how good they are… of course this is just my point of view :)

  • Matthew Almont

    I put Fall Out Boy because they took a long break and were still able to come back with a hit single and a big selling album, which is something that few rock bands could achieve today. I like their stuff, but like you, I prefer Foo Fighters.

  • Matthew Almont

    Spot on.

  • Koala

    Maybe it’s just that rock music – visceral and human as it is – doesn’t resonate with a society that stares at screens for most of the day.

  • Brooks

    I just learned James Murphy quit LCD Soundsystem. :'(

  • akMontufar

    Not really sure what it’s going to take to get rock back on track. As a number of people have already shared, The Black Keys, Jack White, The Strokes, Kings Of Leon, Arcade Fire, etc. are sort of like the current, popular, upper echelon of that genre, but one of the biggest problems that rock artists face is that their “fans” essentially shit on them the second they shed their indie skin and fire for the rafters. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.

    This is also largely a sign of the times and a result of the shift in how we ingest music. Those older bands thrived when radio and MTV were people’s only real exposure to what was “cool.” You didn’t have to decide what was badass or not because it was dictated to you by Matt Pinfield and Kurt Loder. If you didn’t have cable back then you fucking lost, plain and simple. Now everyone’s online, sucking up the next best thing the second it hits the web. All the experimenting and sound blending has diluted the genre. Until people are ready for that pure uncut rock sound, we may not have massive acts like we used to back in the day.

  • Drew Kaufmann

    2013 is the dark ages, Black Keys fucking took hold of the world last year they just didn’t put out an album this year which in internet time feels like 10 years

  • George Green

    Sabbath put out an album THIS year.

  • Mario Kaćunić

    mother hubbard.. what about the national, ty segall or japandroids who rock their asses of? you haven’t made one decent argument..

  • lol

    worst article of the year.

  • Green

    In the same way as ragtime doesn’t get any mainstream attention and isn’t getting everybody dancing anymore. Music progresses. Rock is dead. People get tired of the same old sounds after a while. Guitars, drums, and bass have given way to samplers, synths, and DAWs. And if you’re not riding the wave with everybody else, you’ll be left behind sitting in your rocking chair reminiscing of the “good ol’ days”.

  • Gale

    Eventually, and his folk base was livid when he plugged in his guitar.

  • David

    Hi guys. Check out pretty new international rock band

  • Alex

    have you listened to Rival Sons at all?

  • Jonathan Harp

    New AFI album coming out in September!
    Stoked on that! hahah

  • lilej2

    Wow, there are a lot of fools here who are, like the writer said, cynical. Most of you want stand up for rock and your favorite bands but won’t acknowledge how right on this article truly is. You’re all missing the whole point of this article which is: there’s no real rock bands and rock stars today in the mainstream. There’s no bad ass rock bands that make great music like Nirvana and GNR did and have rock stars who spoke for a generation like Cobain and Axl did (in their own respective ways). Yeah, you have all these great underground acts but the point is there’s no great mainstream acts that at least we’re as entertaining as GNR or Pearl Jam were in their hey day. We just have Mumford, Black Keys, Kings of Leon, etc. who are great but a little pretentious and aren’t all that entertaining and interesting. So stop bitching and re-read the article. This should’ve been retitled: Calling All Rock Stars. Cause that’s kinda what we need, just no one wants to admit it

  • Sonicalm

    Stop whining about stupid bullshit and move on… Rock will never die keep that alive!

  • Fuck yeah

    I 110% agree with this article. 30 seconds to mars being my favorite band, I was upset when they got their award for best Rock video during the pre show. All you people complaining in the comments obviously didn’t listen to the genre way back when, if you were even alive back then. This article is basically what I’ve been thinking in my head for the past few years.

  • Ladyd712

    Wow after reading a lot of the comments here I have to wonder if most of the comments are by those under 25 and never really lived when Rock and Roll was everything to the 50’s – early 90’s.I grew up in late 60’s and there were so many amazing bands on every radio station. Now unless you listen to a college rock station (R.I. MA.) you can’t hear Rock on the radio. The article says Rock doesn’t get respect today and it doesn’t. Some of the newer bands mentioned here are ok but I have my own favs.So I choose to buy my CD’S or buy ITunes to support my bands. I have questions for all you Rock fans on here. How many of you buy CD’S, VIDEO’S , Downloads – actually pay for them and not steal or download them illegally? How many of you call your local radio stations requesting your bands music? How many of you go see them in concert, or rally local promoters to get them to appear in your home town. I love rock, have since I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show, although I am a Rolling Stone girl – if you grew up in the 60’s you will get this- I get really sad at thought of it being pushed aside in favor of other genres of music.Don’t get me wrong I like a variety of music, can pick artists in all genres that I love, but Rock and Roll is in my heart and soul.

  • Jack

    Mumford & Sons is an amazing band. It might not be the music you like but that doesn’t make it depressing. Mumford writes all of their own music and they’re really good

  • JJ

    El Camino and Blunderbuss lost to Babel. But you are right this guy is just complaining because his favorite band isn’t the world’s best

  • Zak

    Mumford & Sons’ did that to me with acoustic guitar and banjo. People like music they like this guy is mainly just complaining because his favorite band isn’t famous

  • Jack

    Amen just amen

  • dirkdiggler

    I agree with this article, but I am in a band that just broke the bilboard top 200, and we are signed to an indie label, post hardcore/post rock “the warped tour scene” is about to really break out, and some of these artists are still selling out large venues and festivals are starting to book them, but you really are hurting these bands by not even mentioning them. This genre of music has more fans than you know, enough for 70,000 units to be sold first week of a release for diffrent countries to have festivals and pay stupid ammounts of money for bands to be there. do some more research and help rock music get back on its feet.

  • XOXO

    30 Seconds To Mars is good too!

  • Todd Williamson

    Deap Vally

  • P. Smurf

    Avenged Sevenfold. Enough said.

  • Julia

    It’s funny but 30 seconds to Mars is now more pop than rock band. Listen what Jared said about new album LLF+D from 11:01 (interview Huffington Post, 27.08.2013)

  • shoegaze4u

    The situation you described might be a problem for small unpopular indie bands. But, wasn’t that before too? For me as a simple music listener, I can say that I give a shit if the music I love is popular or not. No, quite the contrary. The smaller and the more unpopular the band, the more interesting it is for me. I love it to discover new bands on my own, without brainwashing from radio & tv stations. So, for me personally, everything with music industry is fine. And I appreciate the possibilitys to find new music via social media sites. And I buy more music from unknown bands far away as I never had before.

  • Rocking Angel

    I strongly disagree with the argument here! Rock is not dead. It is as good as any time. In fact underground rock is where it gets good! They try harder and result is even better! I don’t personally give a fuck if my favorite artist gets awarded or not, as long as they continue to put out good rock music. Are you serious mentioning Fun and Mumford and Sons as only rock band out there? They are not even rock band. I do consider them as more of pop band than rock. Seems like he is not around rock music to have heard good music that are out there! If YOU ARE A ROCK FAN, you know you shouldn’t look in the mainstream! That has always been a principal.

    I rate this to be worst article ever!

  • BEdoooooo

    ahhahhahahha have you ever tried to listen to greenday again . than
    listening to those shitty bands like maroon 5 and fun ?

  • Lilly

    Why has no one mentioned Linkin Park?!

  • Mariam6277

    now that i read your comment, i guess that’s the reason why i dont agree with this article: i’m under 25. i discovered bands like SOAD and LP almost by accident, since their music wasn’t played in radio stations, specially in the small southamerican town i live in. thanks to those two bands, i discovered a whole new world and i got into “rock” or “alterantive rock” or whatever tag their music gets.
    so for me it was always like this. i’m ignored whenever a ask local radio stations to play any song from the bands i like. the only way i can support the band is buying their albums. and it’s the only way i get to listen to them too.

    but this bands are still performing in huge venues arround the world, they have millions supporters….

    maybe it’s true rock doesn’t get respect today, but you cant say rock is dead because of that. no one should ever say rock is dead. and instead of whining about it, we must fully support those bands that are still manking great music

  • Confusion

    I don’t think you read it very carefully. The point was that in any genre, there are superstars who are generally liked by fans of that genre. No “rock fan” is listening to fun. There are no more rock stars. Yeah, we can listen to indie and underground stuff, but the point is that that genre of rock isn’t making an impact on popular culture like every other genre out there. That’s crazy. The bands that rock fans like, other than a select few, aren’t covering magazines and getting major coverage. Walk into a grocery store and ask 30 random people about them, nobody knows who they are. It’s just sad.

  • Ladyd712

    That was the whole point of my comments.I never said Rock was Dead – I said I love and support Rock and enc0uraged others who feel the same to get up and support these bands.

  • Violent Rhythm

    Grammy is the LEAST important matter to me when it comes to music, especially the rock music. Sometimes it’s not even close to being on the list. I listen to the music from the rock band I love, and that’s it, with only my own opinion and advice.

  • Haydée Braica

    The Rock we need. We Rock. F * ing you.

  • Octavia

    Atleast hes being honest..

  • eh

    i dont see him claiming any of the bands he mentioned were bad or that he didn’t like them

  • Nick Miller

    For those of you new to this blog, Confusion the founder and CEO is a sucker for Nirvana and posts something related to Kirk Cobain nearly every two weeks. I think your just sour Con, its time to move on. And fyi, swearing is not good journalism and does not make your point more valid, it makes you sound like a whining little girl.

  • Jimmy Sue

    Or it could have been the use of dangling prepositions, like your above comment

  • Anupam

    man, what a nerd!

  • Marybeth D

    Actually, KISS is still making music. Get your facts straight.

  • Un(brain)washable

    What an weak article, do you even know that rock, the real rock band were mainstream, i never see a good rock band at vmas and shit because they doesn’t belong there, it’s not their ground….you should concentrate on something else, because you got no idea what’ good rock music! RIP!

  • Yikes

    This is a miserable, miserable article.

  • ADarkerBreed

    Which is not a good thing

  • uhhh

    Fall Out Boy was mentioned…

  • Eppoo

    The guy who wrote this is from Linkin Park so yeah…

  • Eppoo

    Didn’t Queens of the Stone Age’s new album just debut at number #1

  • Chris

    THANK YOU for being the one person who actually lists the names of some underground bands they listen to instead of “there’s so much great underground music, you just gotta dig blah blah blah” without actually naming any.

  • Marybeth D

    Not good for who? They’re still touring as well, so instead of being a group of has-beens who still perform the same set list, they’re presenting new material to fans new and old. KISS has been around for 40 years, has seen a few changes to the lineup, but has survived four decades of the music industry and all of the changing tastes. Their latest album, Monster, peaked at #3 of Billboard’s Top 200. That week, it was bested by… Mumford And Sons, and Macklemore, the very acts that are mentioned in the original article here. That’s actually pretty good for a band who’s been around this long. It means they’re still producing something that people want to buy and listen to. I’d like to see some of these new bands accomplish what KISS has accomplished.

  • Psycho Spiker

    Rock, personally for me died when this crap happened >

    Adam leaves Three Days Grace
    Ben Leaves Breaking Benjamin
    Lacey leaves Flyleaf < This was the worst
    Linkin Park abandons Nu-Metal sound

    Now i listen to Hans Zimmer… lol

  • Addison

    Ummm.. No mention of Muse? That is kind of odd.
    They are indisputably rock, and pretty big right now.

  • Vasilibox 720

    Honestly, I have to disagree with this article. I understand the point, but maybe there’s a reason people don’t want the same typical rock music anymore. Rock is the most diverse genre of music we’ve got – it takes so many different forms. Take a look at Linkin Park for example; every single one of their albums can be classified in different genres, and yet they’re essentially the most popular “rock band” we’ve got today.

    They’re the only rock band that still has name recognition in the mainstream audience other than the bands mentioned above, but they and so many others – look at Muse, for instance – are still denying labels of “rock”, “nu metal”, and others because they experiment with music. Isn’t that was rock started out as? Pushing the envelope of music?

  • You love this name

    Ts;dr (too stupid; did not read)

  • Anthony

    This article is garbage.

  • Anthony

    You do know that there are hundreds of ‘rock’ bands right? Or are you just ignorant to anything that doesn’t have radio play?

  • Psycho Spiker

    i have over 8 thousand rock songs on my pc including unknown rock bands from the “rest in peace forum”. Those ones listed were my favourite. Am i allowed to have my own personal taste in music? or are you just judgemental to peoples comments?

  • The Doctor

    How can you compare Fun. to Nirvana? They’re in two completely different worlds of music. A closer comparison would be Cloud Nothings and Nirvana. Because ROCK MUSIC IS STILL OUT THERE. You can find any kind of music you want to listen to if you actually try and find it. The popular opinion of what music is played on the radio has changed, but Fun. is not “rock”, they are “pop”. Mumford and Sons are not “rock”, they are “folk”. Sir, if you’d like to stop being depressed about “rock being gone”, let me direct you to a local record shop or The Needle Drop to give you some great recommendations for what you’d like to listen to. That’s what’s so great about music. There’s so much out there you’ve never heard. You just have to stop being lazy and look for it. It only takes a few clicks of a mouse man. That’s all the work you have to do. I hope your day gets better.

  • Alessandro

    you are tremendously right. but, dear bro, everybody in the world seems to avoid one fucking great rock band: BIFFY CLYRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! listen to them and the phrase “Now all rock has is Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.” will have no sense! BIFFY are trying to save rock but there is no-fuckin-one that considere this band..

  • Only slightly a snob

    Only complaint I have is both Shinoda and you missed what I think is the most genuine ‘Rock’ group currently around. Queens of the Stone Age.

  • Missa

    This was written by Ernest Baker, who I’m preeeeeeetty sure is not a member of Linkin Park. =P
    I think you’re mixing up this article with the response article that Linkin Park’s rapper, Mike Shinoda, wrote last week. But I can see how that could happen, as Mike posted the wrong link on his blog and I don’t think he ever fixed it.
    (Incidentally, I disagree with both this article and Mike Shinoda’s response article, but I also think that Mike Shinoda’s response is well-written and makes some valid points, unlike this article.)

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “I have questions for all you Rock fans on here. How many of you buy CD’S, VIDEO’S , Downloads – actually pay for them and not steal or download them illegally?”

    This one question I ask the rock fans that never seems to get an answer.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    The real reason rock sucks right now? It’s too friendly, safe and non-threatening. Anytime you have a genre of music that’s popular with soccer moms and young girls, there is a problem.

  • Ladyd712

    I buy CD’S and my daughter has an Ipad and buys downloads and Cd;s – WE NEVER steal or illegally download music.I love and respect the talent and hard work these artists put into their music and stealing it is so wrong.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Me and you are on the same page. Ironically, the same people complaining about the state of rock (or music in general) are the same people who won’t go out and support the artists. It’s quite sad, really…

  • KhaoticDestroyer

    EXCUSE ME BUT THERE ARE HOT ROCK BANDS OUT THERE STILL AND ROCK IS NOT DEPRESSING ITS UNIQUE AND AWESOME , and did you seriously say Mumford and sons and use them as a reference , Wow . I am a serious fan of Linkin Park and lots of other bands and they are awesome and how can you disrespect rock like that *sigh* whoever the hell wrote this thing just pissed me seriously WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH !!!!!

  • El Desdichado

    I agree. Rock SUCKS. Time to bury the corpse…

  • zeum

    LOL, your a teenage girl. Arcade Fire? Sleigh Bells? all the “rock” bands you listed are jangly, reverbed out sissy bands that are about as far from “rock” as imaginable. Even the black keys are kind of tame and polite.

    This is what happens to music when the generation that got trophies for showing up to the baseball games starts making it. SISSY GENERATION!

    We want real rock! Music that sounds like we’re punching ourselves in the face!

    the best part about all this horrible Disney music that has overtaken mainstream is that it should cultivate some amazing underground stuff that will blow onto the scene like a car bomb

    musicianship is dead. talent is dead. creativity is dead.
    now all the kids are just recycling the look I had in the 80’s. the music my parents had in the 70’s and the puritan ideals my grandparents had in the 50’s.

    Congrats millenials! your the first generation to get called pansies by the generation before.

  • Rock and Metal Fanatic

    Rock music and Heavy Metal is underground these days. As much as we don’t want to admit it, it has gone the way of Jazz. I was a child in the late ’90s/early 2000s and although that may not have been the genre’s golden age, it was certainly an unforgettable final era for the genre in the sense that it still had the whole world by storm, even as hip-hop slowly began to take over at that time. Rock now is sadly, a very cult music, a genre only appreciated by a select few people who really understand the genre, but for the most part, the mainstream public have completely turned their backs on it. Young children and teens today can’t stand it and the young adults of today from my age group have no interest in it for the most part. Sad situation, but it is what it is. As long as it still exists underground, that’s fine by me. I’m satisfied.

  • Db

    Haha what a great comment about the trophies! So true.

    But I don’t think that musicianship, talent, and creativity are dead. They are certainly suffering within the music industry, but across the world there are so many talented people who play real music. The problem is: the industry has the power to saturate, so to casual listeners it can seem like that’s all there is.

    But with a little digging on the internet, one can find all kinds of great stuff out there. It’s just a shame we have to do 100% of the work to find music we like, because there WAS a time when the radio served up decent tunes. We’re on our own now.

  • Ask your mum.

    If you think Kendrick Lamar and Drake can fill in the void left by Shakur, Biggie, Big L etc… you automatically lose credibility. This is nothing but a well worded and neatly grammared rant. May as well be posted on a Tumblr blog.

  • Gryffindor Guy Gill (GGG)

    Ben did not leave Breaking Benjamin. In fact he is the only current member left of Breaking Benjamin. Your taste in rock is very niche. Very narrow. TDG, BB, Flyleaf and LP can all fit in a broad category of alt/electronic rock with maybe Linkin Park stretching the boundaries of these limits cause they experiment a lot. Therefore there’s no weight in your statement about rock “dying” for you personally. A better way to say it would be that a certain section of rock died for you. And just so we are clear, LP did not abandon Nu-Metal. They moved on. For the best. 6 30+ men doing the same dumb stuff as Limp Bizkit is obnoxious to watch and listen.

  • Psycho Spiker

    dude you need to read my other comment below. “I have over 8 thousand rock songs” .. im including Mudvayne, Oasis, Thousand Foot Krutch, Lo Pro, Sum 41, Alexisonfire, Slipknot, Korn, Angels and Airwaves, Killswitch Engage, Celldweller, Asking Alexanda, Underoath, Trust Company, Trapt, A Perfect Circle, Chevelle .. etc
    The ones listed were my favourite.

    Mike Shinoda has announced time and again that they have “abandoned Nu-metal” and once Chester even said “we are completely ripping it out”. I know because i was a massive fan in the times of Hybrid Theory and Meteora and i watched a lot of their interviews waiting for them to announce new music. “Move on for the best” .. < i don't agree with that, but we are entitled to our taste.
    Limp Bizkit are not that bad. Its just their lyrics. Thats all they need to work on.

  • Chick With Super Tattoos

    What I wanna know is what happened to bands like System Of A Down, Korn, White Zombie, Primus??? I miss that “rock”. I will admit, there’s “rock” today that’s fucking amazing and I understand times change but it’s depressing when someone asks me, “What’s your favorite band?” and I tell them either Oingo Boingo or Primus and then they look at me like I’m a space alien. Just my thoughts. Please don’t bite my head off if you don’t agree…… -_-

  • Arthur Zhuravsky

    Guys, MANOWAR is on tour every single year and they shoot out an album every 3 years from 1980 by now. The kings are alive.

  • Wargh

    Yo, wake up, there is music that sounds like a ton of bricks. You’re juste not listening or not trying. Fuck what you said, musicianship, talent and creativity aren’t dead, but you might be. There are pearls in music nowadays, you should be searching for them instead of complaining.

  • Kelly Kels

    There are a fair amount of rock bands still around.
    Just because something may not be as ‘mainstream’ as it was doesn’t mean it’s not still good.

    Guns n roses, The Sex pistols, Nirvana, ACDC, Kiss, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix e.t.c. they’ve had their time, that’s not to say that I don’t still listen to them…classics are classics.

    Regardless the way this writer talks is pure snobbery, music is about expression and the musicians style and influence is a part of that. Opinions are what make life interesting, people differing with influences and developing tastes with age is also normal.

    Staying the same and complaining about everything isn’t what life or rock music is about. Cheer up grumpy. :D

  • AudioScar Keith Rob

    Only crap Psycho you got the SAME EXACT influence as me! awesomeness. As far as rock music, I’ll make a separate post about that.

  • AudioScar Keith Rob

    Well as for as Rock music goes, it’s COMPLETELY DEAD up here in NY which is why I plan on moving to gain my sanity back as well as career purposes. It’s either hardcore metal – all the way – to hiphop and Drake on the radio alll day. These days people are starting to like stupid youtube shit where ppl make videos obviously for attention. This article is also right about one thing, rock bands today are even changing their sound or incorporating current trends like dub step, …but honestly who gives a f what people are starting to think about rock music, if you like it you like it….to me it’ll never die cuz I LIKE IT!!! AMEN!

  • LediaP

    “There was a time when rock had a complete, undisputed, suffocating stranglehold on the entire realm of popular culture, and that time is no more.” – I read through that a few times, and I could not not comment and help you rephrase that to: “There was a time when people used to go out at concerts and actually listen to music, a time when teens would go out or isolate themselved in their garages to do music.” Now it’s just teens who don’t have time to do anything, but still waste it looking softforn music because it is so convenient to just turn on your computer and get everything on youtube. Unfortunately as much as this article is about music, it is also about reality today, the economy today (it’s always about money) and most of all our lifestyle today.

  • Acheron

    Uhm not a typo. Im afraid YOU made the typo. He wrote “They got emo the fuck out of here.”

  • Acheron

    Not sure man. Really though we all have our own opinions and if you didn’t have your head up your ass then you’d see why he compared those two bands.

  • WtfIsWrongWithU

    Based on the comments, it’s pretty obvious what the problem is: retarded snowflakes

  • Asshole

    Rock music has always sucked. Rock was “pop” back in the day. Maybe the lot of you are not old enough to remember–but I am. Let’s see: two pentatonic scales, fifth chords, and I-V-C-V-C-B-V-C-O arrangements for just about every rock song ever made. Wow. How totally amazing.

    A 13 year-old can play rock music because it takes next to no talent. Don’t believe me? I can teach you any “Guns ‘n’ Roses” song in an hour–no prior experience required.

    Seriously, though….Guns and Roses is your measuring stick? A fake poser-metal hair band with inside connections from Hollywood? The band with a hack drummer and a falsetto singer that couldn’t play anything but an old fart, adult-diaper beat less than 100 bpm? The one-hit pop wonders from the 80s? This is your idea of stellar rock from years gone by?

    Guns and Roses was the Justin Bieber of the 1980s. Except Justin Bieber can play drums–Steven Adler couldn’t. I would take Katy Perry over a legato, hammer-on/pull-off pentatonic douche like “Slash” any day.

  • Asshole

    A cover band with no hits that anyone can name. Enough said.

  • Asshole

    Rock is completely dead and has been for two decades. There is no popular interest. None. Zero. The overdriven guitar sounds makes today’s kids cover their ears. They call it “old people music”. It’s as dissonant as Bill Haley and the Comets opening for Dio in the 80s.

    Distorted guitar and pentatonic scales are for old farts who wear diapers. Move on, grandpa.

  • Rockermiami

    rock n roll is dead. SOAD, LP, and all rock bands these days SUCKS. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s have real rock n roll bands C’est finit!

  • cody699

    I agree with y’all all his examples of “rock” of present day aren’t even considered rock he needs to listen to some of that real shit

  • mjkaos

    I honestly think he doesn’t wanna move forward and whinning at the same time! Wherelse would he want this genre to morph into?the fact that tecnology is taking over the world, yes it can be a bit depressing at times but let’s face it that’s that.

  • LES

    Alot of people are bitchin about this, but rock just doesn’t have the same soul it used to. I’m starving for a real rock. Rap and pop dont meet the req… Folk rock is … Great but I mean… It doesn’t fullfill the same way. Old rock had an immediacy. It shocked you.. And some hot lyrics… People don’t were lyrics like that anymore.. It’s all pretty literal.. Or trying to be I dunno… Baby Nietzsche s. that’s what happens in a society where tattoos used to mean outlawish wild shit etc.. And now it likely means your a damn vegan and like photography and the FUCKIN arctic monkeys. They’re great but I mean… No… Just no. I agree here.

  • LES

    I can see how Lordes Royals is alternative, but it’s aggravating all the same.

  • Jamie Laszlo

    It seems our choices of new rock on the radio is what is listed in this article…Or what I call “redneck hard rock” (Stone Sour, Shinedown, Pop Evil, ect…). What happen to the “rock god?” What happen to the “guitar wizard?” The magic is gone.

  • Jamie Laszlo

    And how many of those QOSTA songs did you hear on the radio? One? For maybe a week?

  • Vico

    Music radio is DEAD. It’s full of talk shows. No one cares what music is playing on the radio.

  • TyNowicki LaurePeters

    As a matter of fact, I happen to totally agree with the author of this article!! I’m still fairly young (under 30), but yes, the rock music of yesteryear is dead and gone! Only a few really good rock bands that are semi-new to the scene, remain. Usually if i’m not listening to country, I’m listening to bands like, Five Finger Death Punch, Lacuna Coil or Halestorm, etc. (there are still those out there who have no clue who Halestorm even is, and I’m like, “What the fuck are you smoking?!”) Anyhow, if I’m not listening to them, I have now turned to metal bands from Europe. Rammstein (been listening to them for YEARS) Bands like Xandria, Sirenia, Within Temptation etc. For those of you who are 25 or younger,….THOSE are rock bands!! The rock music here in the U.S. is so pathetic, I can’t even find a rock band from here to compare with their European counterparts unless you’d like to use one of the american bands I’ve listed above to compare. But the general point the author is making is that music, even as a WHOLE is definitely wussified!! There is NO band today that you can compare with the likes of G n’ R, Metallica, Pantera, Nirvana, Sabbath,….fuck, I could go on, there are A TON more. But that’s our point! To go on about music from 15-40 years ago would take a lifetime to describe the mounds of talent from back then. However, if you compare the bands from today to bands from years ago, you would absolutely see the massive, bleeding oozing wound afflicting the music industry today. Honestly, I think its fueled by greedy record execs and not fueled by raw, natural talent. Which is stupid. really. A band who everyone loves and becomes a household name for years to come will ALWAYS make you more money than some talent-less worm who will end up being a one hit wonder because they have no talent! Anyhow, as a person who has always listened to and loved rock music to my core, I am feeling quite bored with the dumb shit on the radio and deprived of my need to listen to something raw and rockin’. So bored in fact, I don’t even own a radio. They play the same shit over and over. Mostly I listen to whatever I want, on my own time….on YouTube, or satellite radio on my SmartTV. Fact is, the author is right, rock music isn’t only hurting, but music execs aren’t promoting the genre as much as they should AND they aren’t pushing the artists they DO have signed to release new material a bit more often AND they aren’t signing NEW artists as often. Look, I don’t want to be bombarded, (like pop tries to do) but I just want to see a better turnover rate, so I’m not bored to fucking tears!! Jeez! What the hell do I have to do to bang my head every once in a while?? Sorry, but Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons and Macklemore (what the fuck kind of name is that anyhow?) just don’t cut it for me. (They aren’t even rock, they’re pop, or even a sub-genre of pop!)

  • TyNowicki LaurePeters

    Lucas, sorry sweetheart, but you MUST be under 18! Just from the way you just spoke, you haven’t been on this earth quite long enough to know what you are saying. And hey there “fucktard”, FOLK ROCK IS STILL A SUB-GENRE OF ROCK!! If it wasn’t for rock music at its beginnings, you wouldn’t have your precious, Arctic Shit Flingers. Therefore, before you talk such shit, be thankful your shit music even has a genre to call home. Now shhhhh!! I can’t hear my kick ass metal that requires people with ears and balls to be able to understand and appreciate its awesome, sound that would make YOUR ears bleed. …….Afterwards, I’ll give you a ride to the Ralph Lauren Polo store to get a new argyle sweater, then to the salon for a comb-over.

  • TyNowicki LaurePeters

    I fucking LOVE your comment!!!!!! ;) These children need hearing aids, and mental help.

  • cloecorpse

    dont you worry bitches, I’m coming. xxxxx

  • keith

    I didn’t even watch this crap. Who the hell is on it this year? The wonderful world of auto tune. Rock is now boring as hell. Taylor Swift won 5 Grammy’s and cant sing. Miley so untalented she has to whore it out and to damn ugly to do that. As for a rap is concerned never my cup of tea, but at least in the past it had a message. Lady Gaga her copycatting is really starting to show and get old. Its a sad state when I can put on an old Agent Orange tune from the 80,s and blow away a sixteen year olds mind.

  • theOneandOnly

    Rocboi (Hood.Metal.R&B)

  • Chuckster92

    Leafjayfan@gmail.comArguably song with biggest impact of the year? Imagine Dragons (U2 Coldplay influenced) with Radioactive. Old people didn’t make it that popular.

    Depending on how you look at it, Rock is either dormant (waiting for something to rage about which today’s cutesy bubblegum 92music will never be able to do) or morphing into something different than the traditional distorted guitar music but nevertheless rock.

    And music is cyclical…there will be time for guitar music again and again. I remember how Cobain made “old folks music”like the Beatles/Zep/ Sabbath seem cool again (Rock once again. At some point kids will hear Grandpa’s Back and Black, Appetite for Destruction, Clash City Rockers, Master of Puppets and think, “That music’s a lot louder and angrier than my friends’ music. You mean they actually play real instruments. What do you mean they play live and don’t lip synch? I’ m going to give Gramp’s music a try!

  • gmanator33

    Not sure how old you are or what type of rock you are referring to, but I totally agree, from a 35 year old rock/hard rock/metal lover’s standpoint! I don’t particularly like rap in the slightest! It doesn’t make me feel the way rock does and they don’t strike me as musical prodigies like the old rockers of the past. Music has been dumbed down and pussified in the mainstream beyond all belief! Yet a lot of it has to do with the area you are in and who you surround yourself with. An example of this is in my home town of Phoenix, Ariz. rock/metal/hard rock etc… is still massively popular among all ages of locals. I now live in the shitty Saint Louis area and the music scene here is pretty much all indie crap, rap, typical bland hip hop, and that shitty pop music. Here lies the problem…… Saint Louis has no real rock stations or anybody to promote the genre, because the market here is flooded by rap artists and people who generally don’t like rock. People think they know what rock is here, but they have no fucking clue! In contrast, the Phoenix market has at least 3 very popular radio stations that promote the shit out of rock! Particularly 97.9 KUPD! Yes radio still matters! Influence and marketing is a motherfucker these days with social media, but radio still matters. Without good radio stations, people will settle for whatever sounds second or third best! People are influenced by those around them and what they hear! If they don’t hear rock, then they will not be rock fans!

  • Sap

    Noticed the Killers get a lot of flack when they really don’t deserve it. Granted, there’s some purity to ’em, they can ape their idols’ sounds pretty damn well. And there might be a bit of a pop twang too, but they’re still pretty good. And if any of you fools want some more good rock, check out Brand New. Like others have said it’s there, you just have to do a little research.

  • MusicandGamesandstuf

    If rock music is lifeless, I will breathe air into it. Give it a few years, I will do it or die trying. I guarantee that.

  • James Durand

    Certainly you don’t equate Frank Ocean and Beyonce to say a Stevie Wonder and Arethea Franklin.

  • Rational


  • Steve Cokonis

    Kurt Vile, ASG, Clutch, Ty Segall and many more put out great rock albums this year. If you want a band that rocks out hard, check out all of the Bronx’s albums. Mainstream rock has always sucked. Rolling Stone and MTV haven’t been culturally defining in years.

    Garage, Psychedelia, and Surf has made a huge come back in Rock and Roll. You’re missing out! Just check Thee Oh Sees. This Ty Segall video is most rock and roll thing to come out and years!

    Rock and Roll is alive and well!

  • 90skid

    Black Sabbath 13

  • 90skid

    Black Sabbath 13

  • rlheim

    St Louis used to have one of the United States leading progressive rock stations every musician as far from England and Germany wanted their music on K she radio here. k she was bought out by emiss broadcasting look what they’ve done to it they play nothing except music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s very little from the 90s nothing from now. the other station ms broadcasting owns is keep EMT 1057 the point they a couple of years ago were playing great music and now it seems to have faded into very commercial money making music and they play Mumford and Sons on this pop station they have now created. go to the local big clubs around town and you were here nothing but 70’s 80’s and 90’s music being played this is what the crowd has been fed this is what the crowds want to hear in St Louis. indie bands are independent bands in this town do not do very good I’m in one of them and I know several others who have been trying to keep the underground scene alive its very hard and people in this town will not support it but I guarantee if I started playing Bon Jovi Alice in Chains3 doors downwe would be working in the clubs that actually pay real money. so radio in your area does play a big part of what people want to hear they tell the people this is what you’re going to hear
    we have do good bands from St Louis Cabo and Copperhead that seem to do very very well if they’re out of Missouri hey do great on the East Coast do get up in Chicago and do good on the west coast they come to St Louis they won’t even play herewe hear their songs on the radio maybe once or twice a month in their own city we have another band called Greek fire from St Louis and its its the same story with them too. so the radio does play a big big part of what your town are you region will hear and expect to be called rock n roll according to the radio stations. I think right now record labels are looking for fast save money and not picking up the younger bands like they did in the 60’s and 70’s and groom them for success they want you to be ready already on the road already making money and then they will pick you up it’s a shame there are great musicians here in St Louis great bands here in St Louis and nobody in town will support any of it
    I know opinions are like assholes everybody has one and they all stink and this is my opinion

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  • Zak Dwyer

    He’s probably just taking what he can get when it comes to Rock on the radio. They’re definitely not hard rock or pop punk or grunge, or any other of the best subgenres of rock music, more of a light indie on the same rung of the ladder as pop rock is (i.e. Matchbox 20).

  • Rick

    Try tyler Bryant and the shakedown

  • Geoff Quan

    rock music is about aggression, anger and negative emotion being expressed through raw distorted guitars, heavy bass riffs, and extremely powerful drum beats. And the lyric content should be about negative feelings and how fucked up things in life can be. it is targeted at an audience where the individuals all have there own painful/emotive storys to tell. although it would be hard for these die hard fans to express themselves, i believe that the real rock bands such as: Nirvana, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold etc. have truly captured what an actual rock song should be about: lyric wise and feel wise; and also the fact that these fans go to there shows because of that connection, because they have gone through the same fucked up shit that the bands have gone through. It’s a real shame that today’s rock music isn’t even fucking rock music. I believe that either people these days are all happy with there lives and couldn’t less about the negative shit that comes with it; OR the fact that mainstream music only sings about promiscous sex, getting drunk all the time, and relationships, and that people would rather indulge themselves into addictive things because it helps them forget those negative emotions. In the end its all about marketing, and what sells. Giant corparations couldn’t care less about the impact of what there product is doing to audiences and people a like, even to the point of drug abuse and death.

  • Bone of Contention

    I agree but I’m going to keep on rocking anyway! Fuck what everyone else is doing now!!

  • periclesdestro

    Rock could be dead because – speaking as a white guy – the creative force in Rock – African Americans/Blacks – abandoned the art form for hip-hop – something few whites can imitate well. Whites followed blacks to hip-hop listening but can’t fully master the genre except maybe Kid Rock or Eminem. Black Sabbath and AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, etc all were influenced by black music and musicians and the blues. Whites latched onto the blues and produced music on par with Black musicians and innovated the genre almost from the start – probably because the blues is instruments based. But hip-hop is more culture based – how you talk and present yourself and play with words and suburban whites can not fully duplicate this. So blacks moving away from instrument based pop music means that whites lost both interest in instrument based music (guitars, bass, etc) and no longer have the black original instrument based music to imitate and then build on.

  • Albert Giesbrecht

    RUSH is still rocking out, even though Geddy Lee can’t hit the high notes anymore.

  • danker521

    I refer you to jack black “rock is dead”

  • Alex Flores

    Don’t forget One Republic. Christ, they’re awful.

  • Tyler

    Well to tell everyone the truth everyone who doesnt listen to rock they think it is just some stupid bad shit well idc wat u think bc there are nations and armies tht follow todays rock bands like:bvb army,undead army,vampire nation this is only a few of thousands of and the millions who follow them but yes rock’n’roll is dying but it is never fully going to die bc there will always be those who want to stand out and walk this path

  • Tyler

    Then wats the real shit

  • Victor Jarvis

    Kids in the 90s become big fans of Punk Rock so they decided they did not have to learn how to play their instruments well, how to make good music. Any idiot out there decided he could become a good rock musician on attitude alone, or rather becoming a poser and pretending to have that attitude.

  • Victor Jarvis

    AC/Dc and KISS still put out new albums.

  • Euan

    Radiohead is still making excellent music to this date.

  • william jason o’neal

    Maroon 5 is not even rock and I do not hear them on rock stations

  • william jason o’neal

    The black keys are actually good. They aren’t mainstream for one. I personally would like some rock music to be tame and not about what rap and pop is about. Sex is all over pop, rap, and starting to with the “alt” stuff(which I like some). And rock already has a bad name by religous people thinking its more “satanic” than pop and rap because of some of the heavy metal bands.

  • william jason o’neal

    Bad news………its already happening.

  • william jason o’neal

    But Linkin Park actually aren’t sellouts anymore and has a real “rock” sound than they did before. Its good that they aren’t getting attention. In the end and Numb is what hurt them to many real rock fans.

  • william jason o’neal

    They are no longer rock and got their popularity from goth girls. They were more emo than true rock. They are no Avenged Sevenfold.

  • Guest

    In an article criticizing the pussification of a genre, is it really appropriate to say that hip hop still has Drake? He’s the poster boy of the pussification of hip hop.

  • Jeff Meuse

    Today’s music is as bad as Wrangler Jane was singing ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ on F-Troop. You just don’t become a rock star because Agarn and O’Rourke sing backup vocals for you. Listen, I’m not sure what the key to rock and roll success is but today’s generation is scratching the paint off the side of the car with a coat hanger trying to get in. Back in the day, musical talent came along as easily as drinking water. Today, everybodys gotta ‘Vote’ about it? Vote??? Yeah hey everybody let’s vote for the Rolling Stones.

  • Reggie

    Author is spot on. Main problem is current bands learn a couple of chords and think they have the instrument mastered.

  • BobbyBrown

    Me and my stepbrother buy all are music we actually have a few old record stores buy are house that have been there forever and we go down there to get stuff. I get frustrated and mad when people say rock is dead it can’t die it just becomes quiet until the next generation pick up a guitar and make some music. People my age (mid teens) say that they wish they were born earlier that’s the problem we need a band or group of them that will help wake rock up.

  • Ashar Ali

    Rock Sucks But Your rock has a good touch of Rap dat is Simply Amazing and dats the only reason Linkin Park is still “Rocking”. The Band is nothing without M.Shinoda. Please Release a new song with Rap more than rock….

  • Radix

    yeah, as long as Linkin Park continue to put out music, I don´t care about some pop stars who want to sell their bubble gum pop shit

  • Joey-Michael Fallone

    Hey! As an under-25-year-old old who buys CDs and digital versions of songs, as well as goes to over 8 concerts a year and buys at least a T-shirt at every single one all while paying my way through university who often complains about the state of rock music I am offended! Sort of… I’m not going to lie, very few of my friends buy any music BUT those who listen to other genres seem to buy even less. So why are the other genres doing fine while rock suffers?

  • The Harvest

    For new good Rock band visit us at:, and leave us a message :)

  • RepublicanTranslator

    Now if only Radiohead was rock.

  • Bradford Leighton

    Bro, I believe theirs still good rock out their bro. Sure it made have died off a little but if anything I feel as it’s making it’s way back. Just look at The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, it’s still their just a little bit underground.

  • noisepollution

    This article is basically stating that the writer is upset because rock bands and artists aren’t getting huge publicity. But isn’t that what has come to ruin many great artists over decades past? This entire thing isn’t about the music itself it’s about a lack of public attention aimed at pop fans? Why would a pop fan give two shits about avenged sevenfold or atreyu, of mice and men, non point, sevendust, all that remains, the list goes on. Real rock is still out there and I personally could give a shit less if my bands are in the news or on magazines, why? Because they rock hard and I don’t care what anyone says about it. Like another commenter said as long as the bands I like keep killing it on their tracks Idc what rolling stone mag says

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  • The Elusive Dr. X

    I have just one word for all of you…


    Enough said.

    Linkin Park? Really?……

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  • Sven

    Thom Yorke knew rock music was fucked 15 years ago.

  • Andrew Almond

    The fact that “Save Rock and Roll” was so successful loses steam as a good thing because it wasn’t actually a rock album. smh

  • Anonymous

    There’s no emotion or creativity in mainstream music anymore. It’s a polarized effect: once one band comes out with a popular song, every new band has to follow them with songs just like it because that’s what make the money. We are living in a recycled music era right now, making it very depressing to listen to the radio.

  • Ricky blaze

    Really unprofessional artical. While i agree, Rock Music isn’t as popular as it was years ago, There’s still good rock bands. Muse, Halestorm, Heck even Linkin Parks new album is pretty good. I myself never grew up around the time when Rock was really popular (I was born in 1999 -_-), But i do think todays mainstream music is terrible. Also, Who cares about winning awards and stuff? Awards do not define a good or bad band, But it is rather pathetic how Lorde won best rock song of the year (I forgot the award show).

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  • Lucas

    Will good rock ever come back? Like Hendrix, Morrison, or the Dead?

  • Rollin’ Stoner

    If this is what adults act like, then its no wonder the earth is fucked.
    P.S. Metal sucks balls! ;)

  • Rollin’ Stoner

    You sure live up to your name, dude.

  • fedupwithamericanpolitics

    Alternative indie emo is not rock, it’s just boring lame fake rock music without a single person who can do a decent guitar solo. Rock is dead, this writer is also a hack.

  • Dave Metalife

    I agree with a lot of this article. There are a lot of great bands out there, but they’re not getting the exposure they deserve.

  • Ken Roller
  • el caco

    hey, could you just give us 5 bands that are actually good?, Im seeking quality

  • sha

    Yeah I agree . Even though I am a huge hip-hop fan I also (use to like rock) bands like smile empty soul, evanescent, even link in park( I liked their song paper cut and from the inside) allllllll music suck today it’s allllll pop and pussified foreal everything is gone……….

  • meh

    I don’t think the end of people cutting themselves on stage is anything to lament. That’s pretty messed up, for any music genre.

  • MrONegative

    The Black Keys are mainstream. Their songs are on Guitar Hero. Or is mainstream only whoever duets with Taylor Swift?

  • Idi “Big Daddy” Amin

    Two words.

    Baby Godzilla.

  • jami

    im not surprised that my generation strangled rock..pretty sure I was the only 13 year old girl wearing ripped jeans and a black sabbath shirt outside the nearest hipster town in the 00’s…too bad i never started a band

  • tokurny

    Ho Hey? worst crap of all time! I hate One Republic and that damn song ‘love runs out’ none of them can play a guitar solo! My gf plays this song loudly, way more loud than it deserves and I sit there lamenting about how music was good but life was shitty music does suck! If I hear Ho Hey one more time in a place of business I am burning the place down!!!!! fuck nickelback

  • Eri

    The Joy Kills – Fucking amaze me… they’re part of an underground revolution pass it on…

  • Bojo

    What about guys from the early 90’s that are still making quality music? Guys like Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, and Billy Corgan. Why are they not receiving the recognition they once were. Maybe it’s not the bands that suck, maybe it’s the public that sucks. We have a culture that doesn’t value anything of substance, and rock music is just another victim of this changing attitude.

  • soxboy71

    This is an old post…but…I have to agree. QOTSA is doing what all these people complain isn’t being done. Foo Fighters is up there too. Try looking and listening instead of waiting to be spoon fed by the radio.

  • Jovebob

    K. Let me tell you something. All music is shit. No really, most rock n’roll and modern rock artists had relatively fucking simple songs that had to rely on lyrics. If you’re talking about rock being experimental and actually…. PLAYING INSTRUMENTS then you’re probably talking about prog rock. Even that isn’t dead. Fucking metal is strong as hell today and you’d have to be an idiot to say it isn’t. Rock isn’t dead, its still kicking strong.

  • Jovebob

    What is rock? Are you talking about rock n’roll? Rock n roll is dead, like a lot of the rock from the 70s(DUH) and then metal/heavy rock took over. Now idk about you but we’ve seen a shit ton of talent from metal, and especially metal prog. Rock isn’t dead, lots of bands are still kicking. What makes rock n’roll so special either? Same shit man. Same exact fucking shit.

  • Prasanna

    What are the hell you talking about? That indie hipster crap is past it’s peak. It’s 2014 now, not 2012. And it’s going to decline from here onwards. What I predict is that things will improve over time. 2014 is already less crappy than 2010-2013.

  • Prasanna

    Lady Gaga, autotune? Are you stuck in 2010? Lady Gaga is not nearly as popular as she used to be, and autotune is used much less now. Fact checks are your friend. As for Miley, no one takes her seriously. Mainstream rap does suck, but let’s be honest, it’s been slowly declining in quality for the past 15 years. There’s still some good underground rap though. 2014 sucks but not as much as 2009/2010-2013.

  • Prasanna

    Are you retarded? Just because rock music isn’t popular at the moment, doesn’t mean it can’t make a comeback. Like Chuckster92 said, rock is in a dormant state at the moment, but music tends to be cyclical, so it could come back in the future. You clearly don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, do us all a favor, and spare us of your stupidity.

  • Prasanna

    Rock is not dead, it’s in a dormant state. The fact is the genre will never disappear, and it will come back in one form or another. . Your argument is full of shit. Get the hell out of here.

  • Prasanna

    Did you hear Linkin Park’s new album that came out this year? Huge improvement over their last 3 albums.

  • syn

    I know this is an old comment, but come on! Radiohead is *not* making anything excellent these days.

  • Beezeecade

    Black Veil Brides? Skillet? idk I listen to LInkin Park lmao

  • Tyler

    See i listen to all tht plus more idc what it is if its rock then i love it n i only listen to two rappers n thts eminem and machingun kelly

  • Guestywinds

    Um they’re called The Joy Kills – they’re going to fuck you in the mouth

  • Guestywinds

    Once again, you need to listen to The Joy Kills – they’re from Atlanta they’re busy raping your dog and shooting your father

  • Guestywinds

    Pearl Necklace – Joy Kills. Fuck you.

  • Guestywinds

    The Joy Kills are just like the Black Keys but completely different at the same time! How’d they do that you ask? Well, sounds like you need to go see them in concert before you get too old to hear real music.

  • Guestywinds

    Emo Bad – JoyKills Good

  • Guestywinds

    Rock doesn’t need the mainstream it needs just you Dee Lockett – JoyKills Everyone… now available everywhere!

  • Guestywinds

    You fuck shit? That’s unfortunate. Go see the JoyKills. They are gonna slap the taste out of your fucking mouth real fast.

  • Beezeecade

    Eminem ^-^

  • jumbotron

    Has this guy never heard of Queens of the Stone Age or Mastodon? For that matter, and not those two bands necessarily fit explicitly into the genre, but maybe its time to recognize that metal has taken up the mantle as the world’s guitar-driven music of choice. Its wildly popular the world over, still addresses social concerns articulately and promotes actual technical skill as paramount to respectability within its own borders. Sure, there are crap metal bands, but on the whole there’s a greater emphasis on quality. Corporate rock circa 2002-2010 killed rock music’s chances for good by allowing douche canoes like Creed and Nickelback to pedal to the absolute LCD and by scuttling any sense of intelligence inherent to the genre. They gave the keys to the kingdom to Alberta cowboys and baritone Southern Baptists. Their philosophical and emotional range just didn’t cover enough ground or embrace enough of an evolutionary or revolutionary ideal. Once your mom could dig it, it had no chance.

  • Mick Jenner

    Too bad Radiohead SUCKS

  • Mick Jenner

    You lost me when you praised Green Day , a 6 year old can play any of their pop punk 90´s shitty songs

  • Noah

    I want the next Nirvana. No not a knock off but some real grunge. I’m 12 yrs old and I am the only 12 yr old u will find who hates Miley Cyrus and LOVE CREED AND NIRVANA. :( cmon rock, get it together for me.

  • CMB

    Watch the anti-mainstream “Treasure Underground” song made recently by a 12 year old – it’s quite refreshing:

  • Emerson

    Dude exactly how I feel! Don’t worry man my band is going to change the world of music and when it does you’ll look at this comment and say holy shit he was right!

  • Cameron

    What happened to Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, etc?
    Why can’t we have gods of music anymore?

  • Vixtoria

    true media is a troll the ones that dont go to award shows are cool

  • vixtoria



    well actually only have 2 but i got the digital download #yaknowatimsayin

  • Maxwell Jaxwell

    indie musicians apparently make more money from merchandising than they do from the actual performing. So that is what happened to Rock.

  • Rick

    If you are interested in discovering Trudge acoustic rock music then go to you tube and type in Society’s Spit Trudge and check out of my videos and ease leave your comments

  • Tristan

    I stopped reading this after the author said he liked FUN (I had to look them up on iTunes)

  • Sebastian Ardvark

    Dylan and the other 60’s greats had SOUL! These dorks today – even if they graduate from music school – just lack the intensity.

  • aaron55

    I would rather have a foothold than a stranglehold. Competition is a good thing.

  • Patrick Lowery

    He mentioned mumford and sons because there on every fucking rock station in the country you idiot. If its played on rock stations everywhere then guess what genre its dress up to be. Rock! I agree this is the worst “rock” we’ve ever had. And now the youth is influenced by this shit so guess what they’re going to play if they pick up an instrument. Probably to the liking of the idiot who asked when Mumford claimed to be a rock outfit.

  • DontMakeMeVomit

    Rock N Roll ain’t noise pollution, but today’s music is!

  • Jovebob

    Classic Rock died, because cultures and genres die over time. New genres take over. You all might be blinded by nostalgia, but Classic Rock has a lot of the same stupid crap modern rock has…..

  • meeeee

    As I said. go see the motherfucking JoyKills. They want your blood.

  • Lisa Legree

    Hey look up the band “The Wild!” if you want some awesome up and
    coming rock. Their single slow burn is great but so is their other song,

  • Lisa Legree

    #9 on the rock charts right now, The Wild! Slow Burn and check out Roadhouse on youtube. You’ll love em!

  • blah

    the problem is all rock fans started fighting over which genre was the best. who gives a pooh, if it’s good music that’s what really matters.

  • Pariah_Xavier

    Something I noticed too…all of the “big” names in rock now that are still good and not broken up all kind of sort of know one another. Dave Grohl/Josh Homme, Trent Reznor, Deftones, A Perfect Circle and Tool (when Maynard and crew wants to make music again), some of the guys still leftover from Alice in Chains. Even Slipknot and Mushroomhead have similar associations. All of these guys have been around since the 80s and 90s, but I’m not seeing very many new rock bands that are nearly as influential or talented, it’s like it capped about in the late 90s/early 2000s and went downhill from there.

    When I was stationed in Japan as a Marine there was this bar in Okinawa called Fujiyama’s. For 20 some odd years they had local bands come in and did heavy rock, the bar was always crowded. By 2008/2009 the new curfews hit the businesses hard and the staff ended up changing the entire bar to a hip-hop themed one because of some weird perception that rock wasn’t “in” anymore. They never had the same level of business again after that. For me, that event marked the end of an already dead era.

  • Pariah_Xavier

    True, but honestly I’d much rather listen to Green Day than Five Finger Death Punch or whatever the names of the those other try-to-be-hard metal bands are now.

  • yearn

    I’d listen to rock anyday which actually has thought put into their music that has some mystery to it, rather than listen to the same exact pop song regurgitated 2 million times.

  • Cobainism

    2 years late but SOAD is fucking great you moron.

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