The Worst Eminem Fan Art


With a couple brief commercials and the release of new single “Berzerk,” Eminem announced the coming of his eighth album, the Marshall Mathers II LP, on November 5, putting an end to months of rumors and tossing a nice exclamation point into the fourth quarter of a year that has already been crazy for big names in hip-hop. To celebrate, we decided to celebrate by—how else?—taking a look at the worst Eminem fan art, complete with (fictional) Eminem-style responses.


  • Luis Novoa

    “Fuck up the shape of my head? Not the smartest/This shit looks like it was done by Detroit’s worst criminal sketch artist”…Best line.

  • Green

    Who the fuck is “pigeons”? Tell him to stop ruining what used to be a great music blog.. This post is just sad

  • nunya bidneh

    The second last one…. am I missing what’s wrong with it?

  • Confusion

    wavy face

  • Confusion

    Pigeons means multiple ppl worked on it. We’ve been doing Worst Fan Art pieces for a long time now.

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