Tyler, The Creator – “Garbage”


This new Tyler, The Creator song is set to be featured on the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto V. The track is produced by Tyler himself, and inspired by Clipse, according to Complex. Fitting for a song set to be on GTA, “Garbage” has Tyler rhyming over gunshots, rapping about ripping off arms, kidnapping, and selling dope.

Here’s what Tyler had to say about the track:

  • Birch

    I like it,that’s all I have to say.

  • /auzzy

    heeeellllll yeah, i feel this like feelings yo

  • Volt Beat Electron

    Dope track!

  • Volt Beat Electron

    White bitches and white sugar.
    Niiice white bitches.
    Beautiful white bitches.
    Sexy white bitches.
    Fuck Pyrex and Virgil.
    Fuck Givenchy and Rick.
    Fuck Black Scale , En Noir , fuck Alex Wang, fuckKanye and Asap . Tyler is the shit.

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