Watch Kendrick Lamar Discuss his “Control” Verse, the VMAs and his Family on Chelsea Lately


An interesting thing happened when Kendrick Lamar dropped his “Control” verse. While those tuned into the music world obviously understood the magnitude of what had happened, it became clear that as the waves of media who covered it multiplied, we weren’t the only ones. Outlets who don’t usually pick up stories about hip-hop, especially those not about the “mainstream” rappers, were reporting on Kendrick’s verse. With a few bars Kendrick had caught the attention of not just the music world, but the entire pop culture realm. Considering this, a show like Chelsea Lately-where Kendrick would be an interview guest and not a musical one-no longer seems odd. It fits with the trajectory that Kendrick’s career has suddenly taken. And if you’re skeptical of that, just listen to the applause he gets when he walks out.

While there, host Chelsea Handler asked him about his VMA performance and his take on Miley Cyrus’ antics, his “Control” verse, his family and his sex life (it’s Chelsea, so this isn’t surprising). Also Chelsea calls Kendrick a “cute little nugget,” which is enough reason to watch the interview in itself. Check out a replay of his appearance above.


  • Rowdie

    Chelsea Lately’s sassy

  • teck

    interesting interview. We need more of this haha.

  • Wayne Jackson II

    i hate this stupid bitch

  • Kevin

    I like Chelsea interview style

  • Philippe

    Her last name is Handler, not Lately.

  • Luc

    Damn you his boyfriend> Get his nuts out of your mouth fruitcake.

  • Kendall Walls

    lol is there anything that crowd won’t clap for?

  • Fred

    What the fuck she is ripping him! Racist and rude. I hate it when interviewers forget that its their JOB to be knowledgeable and interested on a consistent basis about their subjects, whether they like it or not. They would be out of a job if it wasn’t for celebrities. Chelsea is clearly being lazy here.

  • bit32

    Mainstream interviewers have been talking down on black rappers for years. Some things never change

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