A Guide to Listening to Music With the TV on Mute


In old movies you always see people lying in bed next to a record player, listening to some album that they've listened to a thousand times before. It's a beautiful thing, but times have changed. These days we have the attention spans of goldfish, and usually we're doing at least 10 different things at a time. When we listen to music we are also reading, watching TV, driving cars, running on treadmills, doing Internet stuff, playing video games. We're multi-taskers in the worst sense of the word.

But listening to music while the TV on mute isn't always just some side-effect of being a generation of Adderall abusing spazzes. If you've never had the TV on in the background while listening to a new album and all of a sudden realized the music and the show on TV are matched up perfectly, then you're missing out. It's a beautiful thing. Once it happens, listening to music while watching TV on mute can become an engaging experience and a Top 10 Activity of All Time. Cheers to everyone who loves the mute button on the remote and still remembers the first time they experienced The Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Here's a guide to listening to music while the TV's on mute.

Note: To properly enjoy, mute YouTube, then press play on the video and the song around the same time.

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