Who Will MF DOOM Send as an Impostor to His Next Show?


Recently, MF DOOM has been moving out of the shadows a little, popping up on a song with Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt and jumping on a Clams Casino beat for “Bookfiend,” and while it can only be good news if one of rap’s most individual, recognizable voices is releasing more music, it likely means more super villainy is on the way.

Danile Dumile, the man behind the DOOM mask, is known for sending impostors to his shows, which got us wondering: just who might he send as an impostor to his next live show?

  • trademarkp

    Would not be mad at an Action Bronson DOOM

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    action bronson as DOOM may be the closest will every get to that DoomStarks record.

  • Max

    I recently saw him at Fabric in London. No DOOMposter thank God! But I did meet him after the show without the mask and had a chat. He also took a photo of my tattoo (the mask). It was the craziest thing ever!

  • Confusion

    That’s awesome. Also a DOOM mask is a great idea for a tat.

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