Years & Years – “Traps”



We were first introduced to Years & Years last summer, with their debut single “I Wish I Knew.” That was a year ago. A year lapse in some contexts may not be much, but in the ever-changing musical landscape it can be a death sentence, especially when you’re a new artist. In most cases, this period for emerging musicians is essential to not only building a following but also establishing a certain sound associated with your name.

But then there are cases where the music itself is so well done, that the time period between releases is essentially insignificant. Which is what Years & Years has achieved with their absolutely fantastic follow-up single “Traps.” It’s a mesmerizing display of electro-pop led by Olly Alexander’s uniquely subtle but undeniably powerful vocals. The track will be included on their upcoming available ‘Traps’ EP, but even if that takes another year we’d be content with this offering in the meantime.

  • cruz

    You know when you hear someone hating on hipsters and mentally you’re all – aw man they’re just like every one of us squirrel’s tryin to get a nut….Yea this video makes me want to murder that part of my brain and then slap each one of these guys across the face with a slap bracelet.

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